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  • marvel: would you like a new character that you can love and claim to be too precious for this cruel cruel world?
  • me: *nods vigorously*
  • marvel: well, here you go.
  • me: *shrikes*
  • marvel: *kills character* Aww...you didn't see that coming? *grins*
  • me: *cries*
  • me: *tears turn into tears of rage*
  • me: *takes deep breath*
  • Steve Rogers: Language!!!

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Send me a word and I will write a future scene for my muse based off it. || @astrohistoria

The building wasn’t crowded, the civic centre usually never was as most people just seemed to do these things from their own homes now, but they were traditional in ways like this. An old pen scratched against paper but he knew this was mostly just for looks and to commemorate how important the event was, they had already filled out the actual digital forms. The Federation always had a thing for flair, but maybe that was just the Vulcans and their way of preserving old ideas and traditions. 

It was done, simple as that. Malcolm set down the pen on the counter and pushed the paper forward, watching as it slipped under the glass pane to the man on the other side. Grey eyes looked up to the other, a grin on his usually resting bitch face, as people called it. He pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose, making sure they stayed on right and wouldn’t fall off. “So, we’re married now. Now what?” Just another day in their lives, nothing unusual. 

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There are 10 Biadore fics in the queue today all hail this day let us remember it forever - Feb 10 & 11 The Day Biadore Shippers Were Saved

  • “You really wanna know how I know?" 
  • "I found something." 
  • "Okay. Um. But why now?" 
  • "That sounds intense." 
  • "I’m not sure I follow." 
  • "We barely speak anymore." 
  • "Get up and walk away." 
  • "Follow me. Now." 
  • "We have to keep moving." 
  • "Are you coming or not?" 
  • "So what did you two talk about?" 
  • "Okay, look—you don’t know shit about much. But you’re not terrible to look at." 
  • "I know. I know. You kinda pulled me in a little." 
  • "But the main thing is, I kinda really need the money." 
  • "There has to be something I’m missing." 
  • "Wow. You do know something.”
  • “Okay, but look at this.”
  • “Is there any way you might be mistaken about all of this?" 
  • "You think I’m paranoid." 
  • "You could’ve stayed longer." 
  • "Yeah. Starting to get to know you." 
  • "Thanks. I think." 
  • "It’s really not that difficult." 
  • "You know, I've—I’ve never seen anything like that before." 
  • "It was strange. I was feeling strange." 
  • "It almost hurts that you’d ask me that." 
  • "I warned you." 
  • "Why are you here? Why are you here?!" 
  • "Most of the time, I’m uncertain about everything.”

“The minute he [Thranduil] sees Thorin back in this side of the world, he knows exactly why he’s here. Why else would he be here? Unless he was going to go to the Lonely Mountain and try to get his throne back and his treasure back. That’s why he’s here. So it’s like those questions: ‘why are you here?’, ‘what are you doing here?’, isn’t to find out the information.”

awkward prom at Night Vale High School:

Chaperon butts in between two students attempting dance with “oh, hey you two, leave room for the Glow Cloud.”