hail the rolls

where barry allen indirectly has been an accessory for rogue robberies on multiple occasions. the irony that he’s the flash is not lost on him

“hold the bag, bud” the weather wizard shouts under a squall of hail

barry rolls his eyes heavenward, another trip to the bank ruined. maybe one day he’ll open that savings account…

“sweetie - get the door” purrs the golden glider with her gun as barry finds himself in another armed robbery. he should have ordered iris’s gift of amazon instead - christmas shopping will never get done

having a dual identity has never been so frustrating

“allen - you’re a csi, why are you always part of these crime scenes?” barks captain singh wearily. barry shrugs helplessly, how was he supposed to know captain cold would rob the first national bank closest to jitters during the morning rush

tirefirespectacular  asked:

Hail torturebirb!! Do you have any advice for adding evil to antagonists? Mine all turn out as darkness-flavored cinnamon rolls. :/


Make them uncaring about the lives of others/ people they don’t know! Apathy towards suffering is fundamentally disturbing to a lot of people. You could also extend this apathy towards the suffering of animals- a lot of people find animal cruelty to be what makes or breaks a persons character.

also they could just be hella gross. Turn ur villians into Donald Trump or that creepy old guy who reeks and harrasses you and then begs for bus money.  Think about what you consider to be an unforgivable sin and give it to your villains. This is a pretty good how to on villains

(side note did u know there’s an erotica writer with a series about ‘Domald Tromp’ a rich asshole having lot of gay sex with like, dinosaurs)

don’t worry if you can’t get your antags to a level of evil you find ‘evil enough’. Antagonists dont have to be evil and Protagonists dont have to be good. I have a major character in my thing who’s whole personality is centered around how much she wants to kill everyone, but she’s still a good guy.

The antagonist might consider themselves morally superior to you protagnoist and decided to stop them out of a petty need to prove themselves better. Or maybe they’re a sadist who not only doesnt care if others are suffering, but actively attempts to cause the suffering to give themselves glee

I hope this is helpful!!!!

Naughty Girl

Anon Asked: Hi, I was just wondering if you could write a fic where dan spanks the reader for breaking something or worrying him. Very little smut. Thankyou in advance!!!


PAIRING: Dan Howell/Reader

WARNINGS: Kinda kinky?? Like spanking, dirty talk (aka my weakness) pet names “slut/whore/princess/darling” etc. Also I kinda tweaked the request to him spanking you because you got him all hard in public, hope that’s okay! Also I really, really tried to make it NOT daddy!dan because I think dan is like 79% sub.

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