hail the rolls

When Aelin announced the King’s death near the end of Queen of Shadows, there was just that one person who called out “All hail Dorian Havilliard!” while everyone else was all shocked and silent at all the crap that just went down. Omg I swear that one person who called out would be me.

Mum Just Asked Me to Explain Hail, Caesar! to Her

*rolls up sleeves*

*begins to write pages of meta*

*thinks about his mum*

Sam: It’s about how the divine is in the ordinary, and how if you do what’s right, the problem often fixes itself. Like nobody’s perfect and also I’m a little iffy about how Hell is partially represented by a Chinese restaurant, but the point is that in a choice between Right and Easy you should choose what’s Right, which is why Channing Tatum got to keep his dog. Also George Clooney is the macguffin, not the hero, which I know is a little confusing.