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Another AnE Concept

Feel free to kick me in the face for this, but I had another concept moment.

What if Rin was a little more demonic when he was born (kind of ties in with demon puberty but not really) and after being sealed he doesn’t necessarily appear more demonic, but can act more demonic.

Like, for instance, some demons are capable of hypnotism. Rin gets himself out of trouble sometimes like this. A little harsher with his words, rolls his r’s, and he adds a throatier growl. Not at all smooth and alluring or magnetizing like hypnotists’ voices are made out to be in the media, but still surprisingly compelling.

Rin finally puts two and two together when he watches authority figures mumble an obedient “okay” or stumble away discombobulated. When Fujimoto finds out he practically pleads with Rin not to use this ability. Not unless it’s for a horrifying emergency.

Then maybe there are other days when Rin walks on the walls and on the ceiling. He discovered this when he was ten and decided not to mention to Yukio or his father. God knew they had enough to deal with. But sometimes, when Rin needs to sneak out (no idea why) he defies gravity. It’s great for finding good hiding places too.

But I feel as though the Gift of Tongues would be my absolute favorite. Some foreigners talkin’ shit being his back? Turn around and say something in their language and laugh at their horrified expressions. Conversation activities in English/whatever language classes they offer in Japanese high schools? Incredibly fluent. Can understand and speak it really well, can’t write other languages that well though.

Mephisto spits out his drink when Rin speaks fluent demonic language without breaking a sweat.


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