hail hussie

4/13/17 Predicted



Vriska confirmed to be hiding in our universe

SBURB will be released instead of Hiveswap as Vriska is revealed to be responsible for Dril tweets

The world will be demolished in a cataclysm of meteors as thousands rush to play the game

Only a single group will survive, damage done enough to reset the human race’s development

Magic is brought back by the winners now ruling as gods over a “new” Earth

jakfnanh that fucking post hailing andrew hussie along w rsugar and the mcelroys LIKE yall know andrew is objectively a racist little bitch right

  • So my friend doesn't like homestuck saying that we "don't belong anywhere" because we are at every con no matter what the con is about. But what he does like is super smash brothers brawl as our party game of choice. Specifically the project M mod we use. So when he asked me to get some good video game style music to add to the mod I of course I downloaded all the best homestuck fighting music (meglovania, dance if thorns etc.) We've been playing for 2 hours with homestuck music playing nonstop and he says he loves the new music. He has no idea what I've done. Thus the indoctrination begins *quietly chanting* One of us. One of us.