haikyuu!! non official game


Haikyuu!! non-official mobile game available on Android!

(iOS Version)

Name: にゃんこバレー部奮闘記 ニャンキュー!!

Developer: superbear second


Chase the unforgivable crow who stole the meat buns as the animal(?) version of Hinata Shouyou!  Collect volleyballs and meat buns while dodging the ‘enemies’, including Oikawa Tooru, Kuroo Tetsurou and Kozume Kenma.  You can also meet up with the teammates from Karasuno High School Volleyball Club to help score more volleyballs during the game. If you meet the team captain Sawamura Daichi, he can show you 'a sight from the top’…?


-Tap the screen to jump!

-Double-tap the screen to double-jump!

-Dodge the obstacles by jumping and collect the volleyballs and meat buns!

(Please note that this summary is NOT the translation of the description of the game.)