me: it’s okay if people dislike my favorite character. everyone is entitled to their own opinion

person: *dislikes my favorite character*


Local troublemakers.

I can see Kuroo and Bokuto not getting along at first, considering all the house rivaling and all; each having their own troublesome career. Then one day getting a detention together, by accident of course. They talk and they end up admiring each other’s ways of troublemaking; deciding it would be a great idea to combine efforts:”)


Some initial outfit/armor concepts for my fantasy Haikyuu au HERE ヽ(・∀・)ノ they’re all going to change later probably heh.

It was pretty challenging trying to get all of them to fit their mascot (or in this case, their kingdom’s deity haha), so it’s a bit sloppy but at least it was fun to do. And I totally copped out on drawing their head gear lol. I’ll do one for the royals next though (oikawa/goshiki/kenma/kageyama).

Some quick background on the designs below the cut, if you’re interested:

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