An iwaoi AU in which college student Oikawa is stuck in a timeloop after an unfortunate tarot card reading. He is doomed, without fail, to die at the end of the week and then be sent back to seven days prior over and over until he is able to fall in love.

Pardon my extremely rusty Japanese, but it pretty much translates to “Oikawa Tooru will die,” which was the morbid mantra I had while thinking about this hahaha. Oikawa and Iwa, sadly, don’t know each other here. I might post more drabbles/notes another time.

Life is steamrolling me, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting more on my other AUs! Miss you guys and hope everyone’s been doing well ~ <3

anonymous asked:

You draw Iwa-chan's abs so enticingly beautiful, I can stare at him all day. (♥_♥)

Thank you. Once again you’re not the only one.

Just don’t get caught….. although. Pretty sure Oikawa’s not the only thirsty one in this gym.