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matsukawa and hanamaki remind of fred and george too. imagine matsuhana doing stuff that the two did like pranking others or opening matsukawas and hanamakis wizard wheezes.... and one of them dying in the last battle. and the one who lives naming his own child after his dead best friend or lover.... *sobs quietly*


yes, yes, the pranks! it’s a 100% matsuhana. and oh boy, oikawa will not see the end of those pranks until he freaking graduates. they would do stuff like:

  • turn oikawa’s hair pink for one of his most important quidditch matches. oikawa is devastated but everyone is surprised af because they secretly thing he pulls is off (iwa, we’re looking at u)
  • bewitching snowballs to follow oikawa and iwaizumi around until iwaizumi MAKES them stop. the balls drop on their heads tho. oikawa doesn’t take it lightly - he is all wet, and freezing.
  • singing “iwaizumi and oikawa sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g” every time they display any kind of affection. it results in a lot of blushing and sputtering.
  • put beetles in tsukki’s soup. tsukki is terrified and little do they know that yams loves beetles so he carries them around all day. prank is 200% successful. 
  • ^ they love teasing their slytherin kouhais. except for kunimi. kunimi is totally their kid (they see the sass potential). they gave him an ugly sweater with ‘best son’ written on it for christmas.
  • constantly using their marauder’s map to sneak out. iwa and oikawa follow every time even though oikawa complains “makki~, mattsun~, what if get caught”
  • they once put a dungbomb in yahaba’s cloak. then it went off in gryffindor’s common room. why kyoutani was wearing yahaba’s cloak was never explained.
  • bewitching oikawa’s trousers to go down as he walks into the slytherin common room. everyone finds out oikawa wears freaking alien underwear.

but.. don’t make me think about one of them dying *sobs with you but loudly*


Miura Kairi (Yamaguchi)
Today’s rehearsal is overrr!  
I’m with Hiroki-kun!  
Hiroki-kun, you’re dripping with sweat lol

And then Tarou!  
Right now he is the only one who’s my age!!
Since someone went and turned 20 all by himself lol

Kosaka (Tsukki)
What, are you lonely? <3 lol

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Haikyuu!! Pairings Bedrooms Pictures/Headcanons

Pictures and headcanons about what some of the Haikyuu!! pairings bedrooms would look like if they were living together. If a pairing you wanted to see isn’t here, request it and I will add it!

Okay, also, sorry that a majority of the pictures are of messy bedrooms - I just really love messy rooms. They’re comfy.

Anyway, please enjoy!

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More Seijoh HCs
  • When Oikawa became captain and the new first years introduced themselves, before they could even say their names, Oikawa interrupted them and was like “hollup hollup hollup how many of yall were from kitagawa daiichi” & then he tried to see how many of their names he could remember
  • (”You’re… Ku.. Ku-ni-mu?” “Mi.” “Kumimu?” “Kunimi.”)
  • Kunimi lives with his sister who’s older than him by 8 years. His parents moved to Osaka to work when he was about 12 or 13 years old, and he’s lived with his sister ever since. Their parents come to visit them once a month. (His sister knows he likes Kindaichi, and she’s probably highkey the done-est with her own brother bc its glaringly obvious to her that Kindaichi likes him too but he refuses to believe her) 
  • Kindaichi is a mega clutz off-court, and he’s constantly tripping over things and almost-dropping things he’s holding (plus his handwriting is a mess)
  • (the running joke is that Kindaichi is a ‘Meal On Legs’ because he’s a salty turnip/radish with butterfingers)
  • Hanamaki gets songs stuck in his head really easily & he hums and sings softly a lot
  • (and i mean A LOT, god, does that boy ever stop producing some form of sound, i think not)
  • (when people tell him to stop singing he just sings even louder, but just for a few seconds, then he goes back to the same volume he was singing at before they interrupted him)
  • Matsukawa has no idea how to properly organise his worksheets. At. All. His school bag feels like it might as well be holding a tonne of bricks, but it’s really all just worksheets he’s accumulated over the year that he cant bring himself to file away neatly. As a result he carries an extremely heavy load to & from school on a daily basis & all his friends are horrified
  • Watari craves human contact because it soothes him, so he approaches his friends and teammates all the time for hugs and cuddles. Everyone’s okay with this, and the team treats him like a very large, lovable cat. 
  • (Yahaba’s the one he goes to the most for hugs because he’s closest to Yahaba out of all his friends and teammates. And because - well, it’s his opinion, but - Yahaba gives the best hugs)
  • (and, okay, maybe he has a little crush on him)
  • Yahaba’s always warm. His body’s like a walking furnace. The downside to this is that anything cold just feels even colder to him. god save him during winter when his friends and family try to start snowball fights with him
  • Iwaizumi secretly loves houseplants. Especially cacti. He has like,, 7 tiny cactus plants in his room, and each of them have their own names (Hotaru, Hikari, Kawakawa, Hoshi, Kumo, Yume and Mizuko) (Kawakawa is the oldest, it was a gift from Oikawa on his 16th birthday. Oikawa insisted he give it a name even though he couldn’t be bothered to at the time, so out of frustration he snapped, “What do you want me to call it?! Kawakawa-kun?!” and to his utter surprise and dismay Oikawa actually agreed)
  • Kyoutani actually loves drinking hot tea. Green tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Verveine, Rooibos, Chamomile, Mint - you name it, he probably has it in his kitchen. Drinking hot tea makes him feel a little more at ease and less irritated by everything, which he thinks is very nice indeed.

Kondou Shouri
Today’s rehearsals complete.
Somehow the two of us ended up doing a lot of stuff and staying out really late.  We had all that rehearsal, and then we talked a bunch too.  
We wanted something sweet so we went to Starbucks~
This is actually my first time since coming to Tokyo.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud