Color scenes and elaboration of the Iwaoi music/time loop AU here, except I’ve changed their ages so they are now a couple years past college. Fullscreen for higher res!

“Oikawa is stuck in a time loop and is doomed, without fail, to die at the end of the week and then be sent back to seven days prior over and over until he is able to fall in love.”

I’m so sorry for the inactivity (and my multi au juggling ugh)! I will get to all the lovely messages as soon as I can! You guys are so sweet ;____; ❤

“Anime is for kids”


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Beach trip!!

Here’s the third piece in me and @janetsungart ’s series of annual collaborations! We wanted to draw our Haikyuu faves. We both did the undersketch, Janet did the lines, and we both worked on color! Come say hi at AX, tables C19 & C20.