((This is so gorgeous, thank you so much! You make Charlie look so cute as a girl, I’m tempted to keep her as some kind of Discorded mischief result. Her face is so cute! And those hips, wow! You already know how much I like the proportions of your anthro ponies, the stocky arms and legs with the thick wrists and ankles just makes so much sense and have a great flow to them.

Don’t worry about not knowing, I really didn’t make a big deal out of it because I didn’t want to seem greedy. ^^;;

Picture from the talented and delightfully dirty-minded Haiku Oezu - NSFW))

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Well you need to understand the Doctor Who fandom is just too good for ponies y'know? It's just choke-full of people who are simply too smart to mix with lowly pony scum, like those guys who couldn't tell the "new theme" was the Seinfeld theme

I laughed my ass off at the amount of people that didn’t know.

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You know what REALLY bothers me about Milky Way? It took me a while but I finally realized it sometime ago. It's not the lactation fetish itself and it's not the lack of subtlety (which I think it's almost played for laughs but idk), it's the fact that in her world EVERYONE drinks her milk and has no problems with it, it's something that is a fetish to us but not in MW's universe where everyone does it nonchalantly. That and something else that I'll keep for myself.

For me it’s mostly a combination of the lactation fetish and the fact she pops up all over the place and always in ridiculous amounts at any one time, spamming everyone.

That’s a good point you raise though.

haikuoezu replied to your post “Good job apple on putting a fingerprint reader on the iphone 5S”

I got my fingerprints taken just for entering the US so I’m not really concerned. Also your fingerprints are not sent, but since we’re talking about paranoia you can just assume they’re lying about this and all that’s left is well, not using the feature.

yeah murica got my prints like 5 timesish.

and it wouldn’t be the first time apple lied. they lied about the iphone not tracking where you have been. 

and eh they could say its not used but it might be used .

I dont trust apple.