haikou world open

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Awesome Fluke Snooker Shot!!!

Fair play to snooker player Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon (try saying that when you’re drunk…or sober) for showing his humble side after managing to pull off this accidental wonder shot at the Haikou World Open 2012.

Unfortunately, he did not go on to win the game but instead provided us with this visual treat!


Are you kiddin’ me? I went out for a bit more than hour by the standing 5:2 (maybe 5:3) for Selby. I come back and what I see? Mark Allen is in final winning 6:5 with English player. It’s all because of this great break started from long pot. My day is kind of ruined. Haikou World Open seems to be really unfortunate for my favourite players, at the beginning Carter(I don’t even know what had happened to him), Williams, Stevens and now Selby.

Now I know why there was no score in match of first round World Open Ali Carter vs Marcus Cambell. It hurts me so freakin’ bad. Bowel disease returned and he’ll finish his career by the end of the sezon, probably. I’ve never thought that saying goodbye to one of your favourite players is as painful but I feel it now, especially in atmosphere like this.