hey muffins! so I took time out of my homework session (lol) sifted through the many many notes and I have finally decided on my favs page because (and I say this with as much love as possible) I got a lot of nagging questions about it! im so sorry if you wanted to get chosen and didn’t, it was truly so so hard because everyone who reblogged has an amazing blog!
my favs are:

























if you were chosen feel free to message me for a promo anytime! and I’ll be making the page this weekend, I just wanted to announce it ☺️💛

models off duty members!

so guys, here are the 9 members i chose in the models off duty club

you should 100% check them out and follow them, they are all amazingly nice and sweet

if you are not here, please don’t be upset. i picked 9 out of 100-something blogs (i was not able to read all the surveys, survey monkey has a limit) 

all of you are amazing, and we will let others apply v soon!!!!

p.s the icon isnt showing up here idk why?

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I love so many blogs!!! My favs would e cataloge, nudiesriot, nakedmangos and haihl!!! And many more omg so many good blogs on tumblr :) you guys are cool, thanks for this blog x

jess has an amazing sense of style, you can see it through her blog

nakedmangos has the cutest url and icon, it makes me want to cry at the perfection of it, i love url related icons. her blog is also top notch

of course des and krista are amazing too :)

no problem gorg, so are you 


You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on. Tag 10 people you would also like to learn more about through their taste in music.

TAGGED BY: bloomai

  1. Youth - Daughter
  2. Oblivion - Grimes
  3. Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys
  4. Left Hand Free - Alt-j
  5. Bad Habit - The Kooks
  6. Houdini - Foster The People
  7. Last Night - The Strokes
  8. Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend
  9. Always Like This - Bombay Bicycle Club
  10. Fever - The Black Keys

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11 Questions tag


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Questions for me:
1. fave song atm? …Netzwerk (Falls like Rain)- Klangkarussell
2. dream vacation? …anywhere with a pool and loads of food
3. what do u see urself doing in 20 yrs? … I will be a business woman working in america or england with a really nice and bright flat and I wont be married but still I am hella hot
4. celeb crush? …emma watson but real crush like ed westwick yess
5. fave pair of shoes u own? …nike blazer low in grey
6. if u had a million dollars what would u do with it? … save up a lot and then get some things fixed and new clothes
7. something u can’t live w/o? … music and my laptop
8. Mac or PC? …I dont own a mac but if I would yess mac
9. describe ur crush?… I cant hahah people might recognize him so noo wouldnt be cool
10. dream date? … just let me sleep in your bed and make me tea
11. fave quote?… “Get in the shower if everything goes wrong!”

Questions for ya:

1. Do you think only one person is the person you are meant to be with?
2. Fave food?
3. One song that even gets you happy when you cry?
4. You have 4 Million euros to spend but not for you! what would you do/ give it to?
5. Ever got your heart broken?
6. Best subject in school?
7. Dream job 5 years ago and now?
8. Favourite person?
9. What do you truly believe in?
10. four life-goals?
11. I love ya! who do you love? Is it easy for you to tell the person?

I was so excited I got tagged by this lovely girl !
I am tagging krista , Amelia , Linda , Vicky , Becca , Em , Maria , Emily ,
Alice , Liz and Luisa

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Questions for moi:

1. If you had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

salted caramel sauce, does that count?

2. What is your favourite food?

PASTAAAAAAA FOREVER, gotta love them carbs

3. What is one thing you cannot live without?

my mac book is my jesus

4. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your closet atm?

my leather jacket ahh its heavenly

5. How did you get your Tumblr name/URL?

I literally just thought up two cute words and smooshed them together!

6. Do you usually leave your hair down or up?


7. Favourite T.V show/s?

I don’t really like watching TV but I like Gossip Girl :) the fashion is life

8. Where in the world would you want to be right now?

Somewhere in Europe, anywhere there I love it

9. Are there any celebrities you look up to? If so, who, and why?

Yessssss! I love so many and look up to heaps of them! I can’t choose!

10. What do you eat/drink for breakfast?

I usually have toast and a glass of this fancy juice my mum buys!

11. What are your pet peeves?

When people don’t cover their mouth when they yawn and cough, I don’t need to see your tonsils hahaha

Questions for you:

1. What is your aspiration in life?

2. Are you arty or academic or both or neither?

3. What is your favourite flower?

4. Do you like Kate Moss?

5. What is your favourite brand of all time, can be street or designer?

6. Apple or Samsung?

7. How would you describe your personal style?

8. On a scale from 0-infinity and beyond, how much do you love tumblr?

9. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

10. Do these question tags annoy you?

11. What do you think about this sculpture here?

I tag:

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I absolutely love my bbys haihl, cuhffiene, nudiesriot and snoozygal. them and so many others who are just too much to mention are absolutely amazing girls who are so strong and beautiful for their age ❤️❤️

i love them all too!! 

krista-is so nice, has a gorg blog and is equally as gorgeous as her posts, im totally jealous of her

marti-so funny, one of the best blogs in my opinion and always so nice to everyone

des-IS AMAZING!! so strong through all the crap she gets and manages to have a gorgeous blog in the process all while being classy and cool to everybody she talks to, no words can describe her awesomeness enough and she is also the html queen

becca- prettiest posts and she is so nice to everyone, i love her theme :)

and you, alice-model material, cheekbones that could cut you like glass and amazing eyebrows not to mention how perf your blog is 

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haihl, flirtly, mivmiu!!!

okay. so haihl and mivmiu i have never heard of because im not too familiar with fashion blogs but they both have amazing blogs and are clearly well known :). I recently discovered flirtly and she has a super duper cool fashion blog thats well on its way up :)