Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin & Big Brother and The Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and the Charlatans at 710 Ashbury St in San Francisco. 1967.

🌸🌼🌺anybody and everybody is free to participate in this if you want! Share the peace and love and rock and roll man 🌺🌼🌸 

 July 1st- draw your 1967 self! 

  July 2nd- Draw your favorite California psychedelic rock band 

 July 3rd- Draw something inspired by a psychedelic song 

  July 4th- Draw Haight-Ashbury in its prime (bonus points for Beatles references) 

 July 5th- Redesign a 1967 album cover 

 July 6th- Draw something inspired by the album “incense and peppermint” by Strawberry alarm clock 

 July 7th- Draw the Beatles in flower crowns trying to put one on George Martin 

July 8th- draw 1967 yardbirds July 9th- recreate/reinterpret a 60s concert poster 

July 10th- reinterpret a modern band or artist as a 1967 one 

 July 11th- draw a later famous rocker/band who got their professional start during 67/68/69 as a confused, impressionable teen

July 12th- Draw an old rockstar with their 67 counterpart 

 July 13th- Draw Bowie fangirling over Beatles 

 July 14th- band of your choice driving in a VW hippy bus 

 July 15th- draw ‘67 Pete playing guitar 

 July 16th- Monterrey pop festival! Re design the poster or lineup/ draw your favorite act 

 July 17th- draw Pink Floyd as psychedelic as you can 

 July 18th- draw hippies dancing in the park 

 July 19th- draw Jim Morrison writing poetry in a field of flowers, 

 July 20th- draw ‘67 Bowie meeting '67 Pink Floyd, 

 July 21st- draw a cute Joj in a flower crown holding a random kitten 

 July 22nd- draw the members of Led Zeppelin in 1967- pushing a broken down tour bus.. all sweaty and panting, but Roberto is just sitting there with a chilled lemonade, not helping at all.  

July 23rd- draw jimmy Hendrix with a floral motif 

 July 24th- draw two members from different bands wearing the same groovy outfit (who wore it better?) 

 July 25th- draw 1967 Brian Jones in the most fabulous and psychedelic outfit you can think of! 

 July 26th- draw a purple dragon (for a tripping musician to chase) 

 July 27th- draw a magic bus for a magical mystery tour 

 July 28th- draw someone fangirling over Janis Joplin 

 July 29th- draw what you think Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds would look like! 

July 30th- draw a musician jumping on the Indian music bandwagon and attempting to play the sitar 

 July 31st- draw your classic rock OTP doing some cute groovy shit. 

 So there are the prompts! A big thank you to everybody that submitted one 💛 if you participate in this please tag your drawing under “Summer of Love Challenge” I’d love to see everybody’s ArtiNg! ✌️&💛


Beatle George Harrison toured the Haight-Ashbury yesterday peering through lavender glasses, strumming a guitar and eventually drawing a huge following of flower children behind him. Harrison, called “the quiet Beatle,” and his wife Patti, first parked at Masonic Avenue and Haight Street about 6 p.m. and wandered down the street unnoticed among the throng of hippies. Harrison sported the drooping French moustache, long hair, buttons, flowered trousers, denim jacket and heart-shaped shades affected by many members of the love generation. And 23-year-old wife Patti could have been just about any hippie girl with her long blonde hair and granny glasses.

The two walked the length of Haight Street looking into the shops and watching the local residents and finally stopped at “hippie hill” in Golden Gate Park. A young man was entertaining a crowd of about 20 hippies. Harrison and his wife listened for a minute and then Harrison asked, “Can I borrow your guitar?” The young man said “Sure.” Harrison took the guitar and started to play. And played unrecognized for about three minutes. A girl listened and looked at Harrison then started shouting: “Hey! That’s George Harrison. That’s George Harrison!” … A sizeable crowd formed. Harrison played for about ten more minutes and then shouted, “Let’s go for a walk.” And off they went, Harrison strumming the guitar, the hippies following along. As the crowd left the park it grew. “What do you think of the Haight-Ashbury?” asked a hippie. “Wow. If it’s all like this it’s too much,” Harrison answered.

[David Swanston, San Francisco Chronicle, 8th August 1967]

George and Pattie accompanied by Derek Taylor and Magic Alex checkout the hippy scene at San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district on the 7th August, 1967. 


San Francisco by Dale Cruse
Via Flickr:
Haight Ashbury