haight st

If you’re from the Bay Area (San Francisco specifically), I recommend going to this place. Not only is it cheap but it is also fricken delicious! It’s a Vegan sandwich joint called Love N Haight on Haight St. Their sandwiches are named after actual meat sandwiches. Like the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, The Chicken Steak Sandwich or the BBQ Beef Sandwich. But it’s all meatless meat! No skimping on the flavor, and no skimping on the quality. So good!

Becky Dill got to do this conch piercing on one of our favorite clients the other day! Amazing 14 gauge, 14 karat rose gold Paloma Square with 2mm Aqua cz from BVLA. 

Also, note the rose gold Lotus eyelets from Tawapa. This wonderful lady loves gold almost as much as we do!