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china-cat-sunflower420 asked:

I'm wanting to visit SF next summer. Do u know of any fairly well priced hostels near the Haight-Ashbury area?

I’ve never actually tried doing any research on this, but apparently the closest hostels to Haight/Ashbury are:

  1. El Capital Hotel on Mission St. (~$56/night)
  2. European Hostel on Minna St. (~$65/night)
  3. Europa Hostel on 6th St. (~$69/night)
  4. Orange Village Hostel (~$121/night)

You could also try The Red Victorian on Haight St. or Stanyan Park Hotel on Stanyan St., though they’re not actually hostels. OR you could try Airbnb.

Good luck and have a great time!  =)

If you’re from the Bay Area (San Francisco specifically), I recommend going to this place. Not only is it cheap but it is also fricken delicious! It’s a Vegan sandwich joint called Love N Haight on Haight St. Their sandwiches are named after actual meat sandwiches. Like the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, The Chicken Steak Sandwich or the BBQ Beef Sandwich. But it’s all meatless meat! No skimping on the flavor, and no skimping on the quality. So good!