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Hey TT, who's your favorite among these Gul Khan PH male leads and why? 1. Asad Ahmed Khan 2. Arnav Singh Raizada 3. Shivaay Singh Oberoi 4. Omkara Singh Oberoi 5. Maan Singh Khurana 6. Haider Ali Khan

Hi anon! 

Om, as he was originally conceived (as in, pre-DBO Om) is my favt. 4 Lions man. You can read my love letter to Om here

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After him, it’s my trash sons Shivaay and Arnav sharing second place. Third place goes to someone not mentioned in your list; Aahil Raza Ibrahim, an oft-overlooked 4 Lions man! 

Haven’t watched Geet, so no opinion on Maan. Haider I’m quite indifferent to, and Asad I mostly loathe. 😒😒😒