haider ackermann spring 2014


O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Haider Ackermann Spring 2014 Men’s

In the Sixties the son of Montague took the form of the preppy, earnest Leonard Whiting; all shaggy Beatles haircut and pretty-boy looks.The brash Nineties brought forth the equally brash Romeo + Juliet which was charged with a youthful noise and created a slick, smart-alecky, street-wise Romeo played by a beautiful, baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio. And the most recent manifestation of the Shakespearean classic casts a dreamy, creamy-skinned Douglas Booth as the tragic hero of the fiercely romantic tale.  Haider Ackermann’s spring collection channels a modern-day Romeo with sumptuous jewel-toned jacquard, rich velvet, puffy sleeved tunics and match-stick skinny trousers. A mix of Elizabethan frippery and scruffy urban cool, the collection mixes the regal splendour of plush English royalty and the subversive insouciance of a British rock n’ roll band for some sweet, sweet style.

{photosource: wwd, oneonethreeeight,revieweveryday}