Lang Co Beach - Vietnam

Lying 30km North of Danang, Lang Co Beach is the perfect pit stop on the way to the ancient city of Hue. It is considered one of the most pristine beaches in the world, with an incredible ecosystem. The beach is close to the picturesque Hai Van Pass travel route, and boasts naturally warm water temperatures. The green mountain ranges provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing day at this beach. 


By 8am I was on the road; no fucking about today. It took about an hour to get to the Hai Van Pass from Hoi An. As I started to incline, I willed little Bradders on and wished my 17kg backpack wasn’t so, er, 17kg. I spotted a few other westerners on bikes, but certainly not as many as I thought I would.

So, here’s where I say how amazing it was. How the scenery was some of the best I’ve seen yet …Well, yeh, it was beautiful and stuff - look at the pics! - but, actually, I’ve seen akin, if not better, since being in Vietnam. I would even say I enjoyed the Ngoan Muc Pass more, despite nearly losing my back wheel in the process (true story).

However, far from feeling disappointed, I actually felt quite pleased, lucky - maybe even a bit smug - that I could say, “I’ve seen better”. And not just in Vietnam; Laos has some of the most awesome (and I’m not using that in an American way) scenery I’ve ever seen …Bali …Myanmar …And not forgetting northern Thailand …All beautiful and unforgettable. Riding the actual Pass was entertaining, but the wide corners made it much less fun than the hairpins I encountered doing ‘The Loop’ in Laos, or my jaunt to the remote northern Thai countryside.