hai yall

city slicker: hey
me, student farmer: hey 🤔❔❔ U MEAN “HAY” ❗❗❗ i woke up at 5am mowin this hay 🚜🚜🚜 yall know its worth it when i see them chickans lay them eggs! 🐓🐓🐣 🙏 kfc 4:20 🙏

@kehlani: I know my papa is with me every step of the way especially now with this new journey and recent alignment. Thank you to all the men in my life who assisted me with guidance, love, strength from day 1, as well as the ones I meet everyday who input something necessary into my path, thankful for yall. Hay daddies day, lookin like my pawpaw here ultra indigibae word to jerry 🌻 #issaWARRIOR

juliansalec  asked:

cute klance headcanons: imagine them finally managing to get in the pool, and keith is holding lance up from his back, to make him a star, and lance is so realxed, floating around with keiths hand on his back, his limbs stretched out, and then all of a sudden, keith takes his other hand and pushes down on lance so he goes under and lance is grabs at keith to bring himself out of the water and hes trying to glare but keith is laughing and lance cant help but smile

And the spend the rest of the time trying to push each other under the water, but Lance is at the advantage here because 1) he’s the better swimmer and 2) Lance’s puppy dog eyes every time he emerges from under the water stun Keith for a moment so Lance is able to push him back under