hai there pretty lady

“I’m Hai. What’s your name?”


“Are you enjoying your stay in Twikki, Miss Lana?”

“I am now.”

“And why’s that?” he asked. 

She noticed a tinkle in his eyes.

He was attractive. Not really her type, but who cared? She wouldn’t mind spending an enjoyable night with him.

“Are you a local, Hai?”

“Yes. Born and raised. Where are you from?”

“I was born in Simcity, but my husband and I retired to a small town.”

“And where’s Mr. Lana?”

“I’m a widow” she stated plainly. 

“What do you do, Hai?”

“I’m a Fire Dancer.

“Do you enjoy that?”

“I like the pretty ladies that come to watch me dance.”

“I bet you do.”

The Warm Down

Submission for #ttt

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

Warming this contains smut, happy fluffy smut of the Id like some of that kind. Please be advised read with a Cuppa and a HobNob.

Tom and OC, Tom has just got back from a run but has he run out of energy.

Feedback is always nice thankyou.


Hot and sweaty from his run, he looked at her with those big blue eyes and grinned his most wicked grin.

“Oh come on sweetheart you have just run, surely you need time to recover?” She asked him in disbelief at his boundless energy.

“Nope need a huggle with my honey right now!” And with that he grabbed her, threw her over his shoulder and marched into the bedroom.

He threw her on the bed and bounce on straight after, wrapping his arms round her tightly and rolling on top. Being a gentleman (sometimes), he took his weight on his elbows and looked down at her.

“Hey there pretty lady fancy a roll in the hay with your favourite sexy guy?”  He ground his hips into hers leaving her under no illusion as to how horny he was.

“Well I would but he can’t make it today so you will have to do” she replied smiling up at him and grinding back.

He kissed her hard on the lips letting their tongues explore each other happily for a long time. His hands went on to explore her body over her clothes knowing that it made her want him all the more.

Tom unbuttoned her shirt and kissed her neck just in the place that made her wiggle. Her bra was a front loader, as he called it so he took no time at all in opening it up and stroking her breast with his hands before let his well trained tongue run over her sensitive skin.  He Stopped at her nipples where he teased at them with his lips, then taking one in his mouth to devour as she arched below him.

“Roll over my beautiful girl.” He moved off her long enough for her to do as she’d been asked,

“Hey greedy when do I get to play with your goods” came the muffled question from the pillow.

“Oh just shut up and enjoy it, I’ll get mine soon enough” he straddled her at hip level and proceed to massage down her back.

Tom slipped off her shirt completely and then removing all clothes down lower with a bit of an undignified pull and wriggle. Now she buck naked he surveyed the fantastic body below him and let out a growl.

“You make me so bloody horny woman” and with that he removed the T-shirt and shorts he was wearing and laid on top of her pressing his hot rigid cock onto her butt and back. She simply pushed back up onto his lean muscular body and giggled at his moaning.

He could have taken what he desired then but that would have been too easy and he wanted to hear her yell his name as she writhed in pleasure.

Sitting back up still over her, he massaged her butt adding tiny bites and long licks that just missed that oh so wanting spot. She groaned under him and pushed back harder but just he swiped her butt with a large hand and laughed out loud at her protests. The hands returned to rub again this time going between her legs and finding her warm and wet and oh so willing. With gentle fingers he explored her and found her nub till she was bucking and moaning louder than the walls could keep in. The finger removed and he grabbed two pillows and placed them under her butt. God she was almost begging now as her ass was pushing into the air. He laughed again but this time crawled down and put his mouth to her cunt and delved inside with his tongue flicking and licking as he held her down on her pillows her legs as far apart as she could get them so he could get further in.

The tongue wandered off to her clit and flicked there, she bucked again and let out animal sounds as he, enjoying his power ran his tongue up and down finally sucking at her till she yelled his name and crashed into an orgasm that had her crying out for him to Fuck her.

Who needs a second telling? covering her back, he lined up his straining cock and thrust, feeling how wet, hot and tight she was around him and hearing her gasp as he filled her. Pulling back slowly he repeated the move several times before the need in him took over and he pounded away making the headboard beat a happy rhythm on their wall. She moved slightly making his cock rub her so sensitive bud again and the world became a blur as she and he tore into a muscle clenching, all consuming, overwhelming orgasm. Wave after exquisite wave hit them before the world reset itself and they snuggled together in a happy pile of contentment.

“See that’s how you warm down from a long run” he told her in a Sleepy muffled voice.

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