“Can you tell me one thing?”

Sehun slowly turned to look at her as if searching for some kind of expression in her face before nodding, “Mm…”

“Have you liked me at all? Just once, during this whole time?”

And it burned.

“I can tell,” Sehun started, “you’re very sincere. Everything you do comes from your heart with passion.”

At this Hayoung shortly smiled.

“Be happy, Sehun,” Hayoung said, “from the bottom of my heart, be happy.”

His head slightly lowered toward the ground before he turned to look at her with another soft smile, “Thank you, Hayoung. I’ll see you later.”

Pain threatened to sketch itself onto her face and she nodded.

“I’ll see you later,” she fought to keep her voice from cracking.

She felt him brush past and felt her heart break into a thousand shreds. Pain crippled her face and she felt the tears fall down one after another as she slowly trudged back to her room. As Sehun furthered from her she drew a hand up to wipe the useless tears of heartbreak and held back her sobs.