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005: Soul, Maka, Black Star, Kid, and Liz

send me 5 characters and I will rank them in order of prefence

Oh man, way to give me a tough one. I had to think about this for awhile, but ultimately they fall almost exactly in the order that you listed them. Almost. My reasoning for these rankings is below the cut.

  1. Soul
  2. Maka
  3. Black*Star
  4. Liz
  5. Kid

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tsubakies asked:

Hi, Melon! I follow your atla/lok blog, and I recently followed this blog and can I just say your love for Soul Eater and commentary on it makes me so happy, especially your commentary about the characters and SoMa because those two have ruined my life since last year, and reading your commentary and thoughts on their relationship gives me feels.

Soul Eater is life-ruining. LIFE-RUINING. I’m glad my flailing over it is good for somebody, though. My entire response to the anime and my gradual progress through the manga can pretty much be summed up as

And SoMa is a world-shattering ship. I did not expect these feels! I just started watching the anime because I was bored last Thursday afternoon! It was not supposed to sap my will to live and cause me to suddenly ship something harder than Kataang, which has been my king of OTPs since like 2006! And yet here I am, rolling around on my bedroom floor at 2:30 in the morning having intense feels attacks because I haven’t been this aggressively emotionally injured by a ship since Royai.