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Raise the Roof with Sutton Foster, Steven Pasquale & the Cast of The Wild Party in Rehearsal


“so first practice– me and my brother were on the ice, we’re 7 years old, and the coach asks if someone wants to play in net. and my brother knew that i’ve been studying goaltending all day on tv so he actually raised my hand before i even had the chance.”

- henrik lundqvist || salvatore ferragamo || a man’s story

vernon, who is way too happy (and a little too obsessed…) with the new wand he received from a fan~ (▰˘◡˘▰)
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I see everything. That’s my curse.

What I really love about ritchie!Holmes is that it gives us an idea of how it must be like to be in Holmes head.
Not only with Holmesavision but also with the restaurant and playing-the-violin-after-Watson-got-injured-scene in the first film and the dancing scene in the second.
Most people would envy Holmes for his ability and call it a blessing (which it is for sure if you want to solve a crime, of course) but there is more about it.
And ritchie!verse does a wonderful job portraying that.
The thing about Holmes’s talent is that he cannot turn it off.
If there is no one or nothing to concentrate on, Holmes will get overwhelmed by all the people he can hear and see. It’s impossible for him to rest from that. It’s simply too much.
And the only thing that can break through this big mess in his head is the voice of his one fixed point - Watson.

Elyza Lex headcanon: She CAN cook.

A: You? Cooking? *scoffs* you’re joking right?
E: Sweet heart, I can survive a lifetime eating nothing but Fairy Bread and Vegemite, but wheres the fun in that? 
A: (fairy what?)
E: Plus…chicks loves some good eating*hawink*

(IDK ,man hahhaha, I feel like she’s the kind of person who knows how to cook because its a basic survival skill in life and Alicia is def looking at her like fcking wife goals, amarite) 

Midorima Shintaro x Reader

I hope this is cute and angsty and makes up for my little absence (〒︿〒)
Life was full of ‘if only’. If only he had been more careful. If only he had remembered his lucky item that day. If only he had told you that he loved you one last time. If only he had stayed home with you that day…
Then maybe you wouldn’t be sitting before him with those blank eyes after so many months. After so many months of staying by your bedside and whispering 'I love you’ into your ear, you woke up to have lost all memories of him. What hurt most wasn’t the fact that you forgot about him, but the fact that you seemed to have fallen in love with another man. You were so delicate and frail in the beginning that it took all his willpower to stay away so that he wouldn’t break you with his love but during his absence, another had moved in to claim you. He charmed you with his sweet words and soulful eyes. You fell hook, line and sinker for him within months.
It was funny how it took so long for Midorima to tell you he loved you and how it took so long for him to get the courage to chase you but all the time it took for you to fall out of love with him was a few days. Time was a ruthless passage and no matter what others said won’t change the wounds you left in him. His heart tore whenever he walked into your hospital room to see you canoodling with the handsome stranger. How strange it was that it was just a few months when you were in his arms. He wanted to snatch you away and shake you till you woke up, till you remembered about him. However, he held back. They said if you love someone, you would set them free. It didn’t matter how much he hurt. What mattered was that you didn’t hurt.
“Are you sure, Midorima-san?” His superior asked, looking at the resignation letter in his hands with dismay.
Midorima was the best doctor in the hospital and to lose him would be the biggest loss of the hospital. Midorima forced a smile, he seemed to be doing it for a lot nowadays, and nodded.
“I am sorry.”
“We would hate to see you go…”
“It’s my decision.”
His superior let out a heavy sigh before nodding.
“Please do come back if you ever feel like it.”
Midorima nodded before walking out of the office. A heavy feeling settled in his chest as his feet automatically brought him to your room. This day has finally arrived. The day when he could no longer tolerate the ripping of his heart whenever he saw you in another’s arms. He closed his hands into fists as he knocked on your door and slid it open. One last time - he promised himself. One last time for him to say a proper farewell. Before he could set foot into the room, the sound of something shattering caught his attention. He immediately rushed to you, panic clear in his beautiful green eyes. Your room was a mess and as you raised your head to look at him, his heart broke at the tears in your eyes.
Before he could finish his sentence, you interrupted him with the two words he wanted to hear ever since you woke up.