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soo say i were writing a fanfic.... i'm stuck on this one part bc i can't decide which way to go.. in your professional opinion (lol), which do you prefer? so it's end of s5, right before nick leaves, and jess locks herself in her room bc she can't say goodbye to him, but at the last minute she gets the courage and runs down the stairs to meet him at his cab.. should she actually catch up with him? or should she miss the cab and leave him a voicemail instead?? he goes to NOLA either way :/ :( :)

“Professional opinion” HAHHAHA I LOVE YOU. 😂. But oooooomgggg I like both options very much!! I think if its the voicemail option you might be able to write more chapts? (Literally no idea this is just what I think lololol) as for if the running after you might be able to end it already??? I have NO IDEA LOL. But I like the Jess runs after him. (If theres drama I love drama) LOL. BUT BISHHHH YOU GOTTA SEND US ALL THE LINK SO WE CAN READ ONCE YOU FINISH!!! 💕

i finished playing FF15 i thought it’ll be longer than 30hours unless its for those who wants to discover deep treasure and secrets? of the game

watched Kingsglaive too. that was awesome and the anime aswell

hahhaha i love the chubby Prompto