The Signs as Fuckboys
  • Aries: randomly hits u up on facebook to ask about ur boyfriend
  • Taurus: alpha fuckboy
  • Gemini: president of the meninist club
  • Cancer: *wears weed socks and disrespects mom*
  • Leo: always "accidentally" steers conversation into a sexual direction
  • Virgo: fake deep fuckboy
  • Libra: texts 4 different girls 'i swear ur the only girl i talk to'
  • Scorpio: will threaten to murder ur dog when u dont have sex with them
  • Sagittarius: asks for nudes then calls u a slut in one breath
  • Capricorn: will shower u with compliments then guilt trip u x1000 when u reject them
  • Aquarius: will stop texting u with zero closure then tell ppl that ur a bitch
  • Pisces: rlly rlly fake deep fuckboy