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How-To: Get a smaller waist

The most important thing to understand when trying to get a small waist is that strength training for the entire body, regular aerobic exercises and a healthy diet are key. Maintaining your body weight is ideal for a smaller waist.

Example exercises for a smaller waist:
Jumping Oblique Twist
The Russian Twist
Pilates Side Plank with Leg Raise
CrissCross Crunches
Windshield Wipers

Everyday habits:
Do 30-60 minutes of cardio for at least five days a week. Cardio helps to maintain your bodyweight which like I said above, is essential to have abs or a smaller waist.

Eat healthy. If you continue to eat badly, and you don’t modify your diet, you will very likely never see the results you’re working hard for. Make sure you’re not overeating or under eating (talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about how many calories you should be aiming to have each day).
Avoid eating extra amounts of sodium as well as soda. If you do, it will make you bloat and retain water. If you’re retaining water, check in my fitness tag for steps to stop it.

Engage in strength training exercises. Kind of a given hahaha strength training is a MUST whenever it comes to lowering body fat and achieving a toned belly. If you want links to YT videos that include workouts that help achieve a smaller waist, message me.

Sitting up straight, clenching your stomach, and pulling in your stomach will all make a positive difference  in your belly.

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Dani Alves (in the studio) confirms Neymar is very protective of his sister“In the changing room the staff is talking about Rafa being pretty and he gets very annoyed.”