Have a happy Valentine's day with some jokes

Submitted by @nyxknackand since i couldn’t decided if Sven should sends card back to Varlen or Nyvera. Have one to Anacrea instead. You haven’t posted about her Fallout 4 run in a while but I (or my sole survivor) haven’t forgotten it. 

  • patrick:keep quiet
  • me:yes
  • patrick:nothing comes as easy as you
  • me:okay
  • patrick:can i lay in ur bed all day
  • me:yep okay nice
  • patrick:ill be ur best kept secret and ur biggest mistake
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:

If I Had a Cooking Show 🍴  (FX: Caleb Natale )

Rafaella and Neymar showing off the tattoos they have of each other. 

Neymar is also a very jealous and protective brother: “I always ask him for advice. He’s always the first to know.”

Dani Alves (in the studio) confirms Neymar is very protective of his sister“In the changing room the staff is talking about Rafa being pretty and he gets very annoyed.”