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Hi :) Do you like chris hemswort? I'm struggling not to get dragged into the hell of yet another chris but he’s just so funny and nice and hot and seems so laidback and cool and with his dry humor and i'm trying to stay away but damn it’s hard ;)

Do I like Chris Hemsworth? DO I LIKE CHRIS HEMSWORTH????

What is there not to like about Chris Hemsworth, omg! He’s essentially an oversized puppy and a massive dork

but then he’s also HOT AS FUCK???? No matter what he looks like??



And he’s super sweet and funny and his Instagram is a blessing and watching him interact with his co-workers is the best thing ever and YES I DO LOVE CHRIS HEMSWORTH OK I LOVE HIM A HUGE LOT <3



I decided to make little bottled dan and phil charms!  
I have around 50 of dan and 50 of phil and i miight not restock but who knoes
Since people have been such a great support I decided that I want to do something special  (っ˘ω˘ς ) 

you can get them here ! 

Thank you so much for your constant support <33

They’re actually super cute hahah I actually really like hanging them around also if you notice their hair is flipped but its ok its dan and phil crafts version its special phils wearing glasses too its dnp crafts ok its DAN AND PHIL CRAFTS SPECIAL EDITION

edit: out of stock! will restock soon!