The Time of Your Life

The little blonde mortal was not due to die tonight. The Endless could see her death written very clearly in her mental ledger. Not tonight. So then, why was she getting pulled towards where she was, the sense of finality that came just before a death starting to fill her mind? 

She decided to jump into this with gusto. She let herself shoot down the cosmic line that dragged her towards a certain ex-psychiatrist. She shoved herself with no preamble into corporeality, dark nothingness yawning hungrily from her, before the last ribbons of artificial flesh assembled themselves around her, forming a whole physical form.

Immediately, the sense of doom vanished. Turning in puzzlement, she saw a group of perhaps five men, all armed to the teeth, running like puppies from where she stood besides the clown princess. 

She was a bit perplexed at first, until the look on the harlequin’s face reminded her that half-assembled personifications of death appearing in front of them was not something mortals were used to. Heh. How ‘bout that? She’d just saved a life.

hahaharlequin wants to hear a joke

Joker smiled his wide yellow smile. “Haaarrrrrlllleeeyyy.” Joker said, his tongue licking his lips afterwards. He strutted forward, jokingly of course, and placed a hand on his hip when he was a few feet in front of her. “Don’t you just look DIVINE!”

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 Sorry guys, if you had returned your RSVPs on time I would have brought snacks.

 How’re we all doing this afternoon?