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Because I desperately need a break.

Kei walked into the kitchen and found Tadashi reaching out to the cupboard. He was on the tips of his toes as he put another plate on top of the stack he’d made. As he settled down on the ground, Kei noticed the subtle way Tadashi shook his hips. He watched amused as Tadashi continued to wiggle his body to the song he listened to. From the doorway, Kei could spot the white cord of the earphones disappearing into his pants pocket.

Kei debated with himself. A part of him wanted to continue watching but the larger part of his brain told him he was tired. It was late, or early in the morning, and they had just finished fixing majority of their things. In the end, the realistic part of his brain won. He walked over to Tadashi and slowly slid his hands down Tadashi’s sides.

Tadashi yelped, a little loudly as he faced Kei.

“Tsukki,” he shouted and Kei cringed as he pulled one earphone out. He glared at Tadashi when he could practically hear the song playing without having the earphone plugged in. Tadashi at least had the gall to look embarrassed as Kei lowered the volume and plugged the earphone in his ear.

Kei pulled Tadashi closer and held him by the waist. He leaned his head on Tadashi’s and closed his eyes. Slowly, he rocked their bodies to the beat of the song. Kei could feel Tadashi’s face heating up as Tadashi gripped Kei’s shirt a little tightly.

“Let’s go to sleep,” Kei invited but didn’t stop dancing. Tadashi nodded but didn’t pull away.

They danced until the soft melody that played in their ears stopped. Kei smiled down at Tadashi as he pulled away just the slightest.

“Welcome home, Yamaguchi.”

“We’re home.”

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