please don’t hate me if i call you baby in my poems, or at least this one / i don’t know what else to call you and baby just fits, ya know? / i woke up numb, changed into a bug a la kafka, crying invisible tears / all those miles hurt / buckets of paint wouldn’t help, i need oceans to really get started / things took an unexpected turn when lust turned to love / and now i’m here, praying to neon gods that you’ll be happy this year and the next and the next and – / thank you for living / you turn it into art


// yup, still in love . kinda thought this feeling would dissipate with time but it’s still around and i guess the only sensible thing to do is to let it run its course and while it’s jogging through my heart i might as well write about it all . was listening to “this year” by the mountain goats and “sophia so far” by goodnight radio while writing this . both are very good songs, i suggest y’all look ‘em up //

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why the fuck do you always tag your friends when trying to prove a point?? do you need back up or something? can you not argue your point by yourself and need you shitty salt friends to hold your hand?? I don't get it

No. I just like them to get a weekly doses of idiotic comments.

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Does the fact we’re friends attend you or something? Because darling, I can defo answer without tagging them, they find it anyway, so hey ho! I’ve answered 10000+ hate anons without tagging!!!!!! 

And don’t call my fam “shitty,” they are beautiful human beings, who I met through the love for Stalia, Marrish etc and the hate for strdia, we are there for each other and we actually get along, like one big online family and you can hate on my ships, but never hate on my friends. They never sent hate, they aren’t pathetic and have a need to make someone feel small because they don’t ship your ship. I don’t tell my fam enough that I am grateful for everything single last one of them and without them I wouldn’t love this site half as much as I do right now.

Also because you hate it so much! I am going to tag them:





















If I missed anyone fam, it’s because I am tired! Love you guys!!!!

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Have Fun, Shippers!

General Sectors


An absence of involvement in the entire troll romance system. Only applies to non-non trolls.

Matespritship Flushed

Involves two people who have positive feelings of affection for each other. Often involves sexual or reproductive activity.

Unspritism F/F/F/A

When the main troll in a spritship is forced out of it by the friend group that they themselves have founded.

Spritship Flushed/Flushed/Ashen

When one is in a spritship, they surround themselves with multiple Matesprit candidates, but does not reproduce with anyone. What a tease.

Triospritism F/F/A/F/A

When a group is gathered around the spectacle of a particularly ravenous Auspisticism.

Matespicism Flushed/Ashen

A situation where two otherwise indifferent people begin to have flushed feelings for one another, under the encouragement or force of a third individual.

Alpha Duostorgiation F/A/F/A/A/F

One of the two Duostorgiation final results. In this result, the relationship of the monitors becomes more flushed as the relationship of the second couple becomes more violent.

Duostorgiation Flushed/Ashen/Ashen/Flushed

Similar to a Storgiation, except instead of a relationship growing under pressure, the relationship will grow when love is encouraged in others. The success of the Duostorgiating trolls is directly affected by how successful the relationship that they encourage turns out to be.

Beta Duostorgiation F/A/A/F/A/F

In the second Duostorgiation, the relationship of the monitoring couple becomes more flushed as the second couple’s relationship becomes more flushed.

Storgiation Ashen/Flushed

Two people work together to resolve conflict and find themselves developing red feelings for one another. This relationship can fade easily, and can sometimes only be strengthened when put under a pressure comparable to the one that instigated it.

Spewterism A/F/A/F/A

The opposite of a Scalemateship. This is when the monitor of an Auspisticism begins to have flushed feelings for both of the other trolls involved. These two trolls must decide how to respond to their monitor’s redrom persuasion.

Scalemateship Ashen/Flushed/Ashen

A very rare time when an Auspistice finds both of their monitored enemies flushed for them. The Monitor must now choose which of their courtiers they will continue on with and which one they will kill. If they do not kill either of the violent lovers, the two may develop an Infinism.

Polyscalemateship A/F/F/A

When the members of two separate Auspisticisms become violent with each other, a third Auspisticism must step in to be the monitor. The monitor of the monitoring Auspisticism is usually put under intense pressure. Nicknamed ‘The Inception’

Auspisticism Ashen

A scenario where a mediator is required to keep a relationship between two people civil and avoid bloodshed.

Metabollegiance A/A/A/C

Surrounding trolls are naturally drawn to this central troll.

Chromership Ashen/Ashen/Caliginous

When an Auspistice becomes unreliable, an additional Auspistice may become involved in order to monitor the original Auspistice. This is usually done to avoid the development of Infinisms or Scalemateships.

Crosscorosion A/A/C/A/C

Where a Kismesissitude constantly vicilliates between stability and requirement of an Auspistice

Clovership Ashen/Caliginous

A delicate balance in which the four participating individuals harbour a strong hatred for the other three. Together, the relationship is made stable and civil. If a participant is removed from the Clovership, relationships can progress to Kismesissitude unless a mediator becomes involved or the Clovership is re-completed.

Carcatuition A/C/A/C/C/A

When a troll causes ambient conflicts in all surrounding trolls.


A counter clovership is the opposite of a clovership. It is a group of four trolls who, while usually very friendly or indifferent, will become extremely vicious and violent when the full Counter Clovership comes together. While the members of a Clovership must be kept together, the members of a Counter Clovership must be kept apart at all costs.

Flagism A/C/C/A/C/A

Where a troll can only seem to have romantic feelings for other trolls of a similar caste.

Infinism Caliginous/Ashen

A form of Kismesissitude, but the people involved can only have a successful black relationship if constant intervention is involved. Otherwise, their hate is so strong that they will take any opportunity to murder their Infinist.

Infimoallegiance C/A/C/A/C

Where four trolls are compelled by fate to become an Infimositude.

Infimositude Caliginous/Ashen/Caliginous

An Infimositude is an extremely rare and very volatile series of events. The two hateful enemies that make up an Infinism will find themselves monitored by the members of a completely different Infimositude. The result is something not that different from a clovership. Two pairs of trolls who hate the other troll in their pair have to keep the members of the other pair from killing each other. This results in either a brutal bloodbath or a mysterious harmony.

Voidance C/A/C/A

The absence of any romantic persuasion in a troll. Can be romantically occurring or the result of a Counter Philiasma.

Kismesissitude Caliginous

A mixture of of mutual sexual attraction and hate. Leads to reproduction.

Gladiem C/C/C/P

When a troll is hypnotised or contractually forced into a relationship.

Descellegiance Caliginous/Caliginous/Pale

Many trolls that are part of a Kismelegiance are actually part of a Descellegiance. This is when, due to the placebo effect, two trolls will become Kismesissitude because they believe that they are a Kismelegiance. Unlike a Kismelegiance which can be long and drawn out, these are short and violent, but they are also stoppable. When these two trolls are convinced that they are in a Descellegiance, they will be able to end their Kismesissitude. However, it is often hard to tell the difference between a potent Kismelegiance and a light Descellegiance.

Literositude C/C/P/C/P

A troll who is attracted to fictional characters, and can only fulfil sexual desires through fictional literature. This is a quadrant that is prominent in cherubs.

Kismelegiance Caliginous/Pale

A troll in a Kismelegiance is compelled by fate to make an enmity with the other participant. This can progress to Kismesissitude or Infinism.

Sedatespritship C/P/C/P/P/C

A relationship where a troll is the Matesprit or Kismesis of another troll, without the second troll’s knowledge.

Double Agency Caliginous/Pale/Pale/Caliginous

A Double Agency is when two trolls, who have flushed feelings for one another, both pretend to have black feelings. This tends to happen when the personalities clash, usually competitive trolls. Usually, both trolls will suspect that the other actually has flushed feelings for them but neither is willing to reveal themselves in case their suspicions are wrong.

Interagency C/P/P/C/P/C

A relationship that begins with powerful love but slowly dulls to hate over time.

Erosissitude Pale/Caliginous

The two trolls are compelled by fate to constantly and simultaneously vacilliate, but are both on opposite ends of the spectrum. When one troll feels extreme red feelings, the other will express loathing. They both usually vacilliate at the same moment, meaning that they will never be able to have a stable and reproductive relationship. 

N-way Moirallegiance P/C/P/C/P

A Moirallegiance with an unprecedented number of trolls. Usually ends with one or many Kismesissitudes.

Insurgence Pale/Caliginous/Pale

An Insurgence is a group of four Moirails that each feel a powerful romantic and protective love for one another that is harmonious and will not end with bloodshed between the Insurgents. However, they are all destined never to have sex or any form of troll reproduction.

Auspinsurgence P/C/P/P

Two sets of Moirails clash and require a monitor to keep them safe. There I sthe possibility that these two sets of Moiralls are themselves Moiralls. While trolls A and B are Moiralls, and trolls C and D are Moiralls, Moirallegiances AB and CD also become Moirails.

Moirallegiance Pale

A couple encouraged by fate to protect one another and ensure stability in the other troll/person’s life.

Stabbance P/P/P/F

If someone is a stabbance, they are a troll that has a fate-given gift of destroying the relationships of others.

Constituency Pale/Pale/Flushed

A Constituency is when one troll in a pair believes that they are the Moirail of another troll, but the second troll does not think that this is a Moirallegiance.

Matestituency P/P/F/P/F

A barrier by fate or destiny that completely blocks two trolls from having a relationship.

Stituency Pale/Flushed

A couple that is formed by defying fate. This can be done by destroying a Moirallegiance in order to form a new relationship or by turning A Kismelegiance into a Moirallegiance. 

Webship P/F/P/F/F/P

A relationship that can only remain stable when it takes place online. This can function through pesterlogs or Trollian.

Envelopment Pale/Flushed/Flushed/Pale

An Envelopment is when a troll intentionally does not reveal their true feelings on who they have powerful red or black feelings for, because they do not want to cause conflict with an existing Matesprit or Kismesiss.

Masquerade P/F/F/P/F/P

A Masquerade is when two trolls can only have a stable relationship through roleplay.

Philiasma Flushed/Pale

A Philiasma is when, due to outside intervention, a Kismelegiance or Erosissitude is broken. When a Moiraillegiance is formed, it becomes unbreakable. The status of this love becomes unconditional and cannot do anything but grow stronger.

Fatespritship F/P/F/P/F

A scenario in which a trolls A and B are in a Kismesissitude, C and D are in a Matespritship. Both of these relationships are destroyed, sometimes by a Stabbance. A will pair with C or D and B will pair with the troll that A does not pair with.

Counter Philiasma Flushed/Pale/Flushed

This is a situation that is just as rare, if not more rare than an Infimositude, because when one person in a Philiasma dies, the other usually commits suicide immediately. However, when the living troll does not kill themselves, they will always withdraw from the troll romance system entirely and have feelings only of depression and apathy until they die.

Laytherithm F/P/F/F

When troll A is flushed for troll B, but troll B is black for troll A and flushed for troll C. Troll C Is black for troll B and flushed for troll D. Troll D is black for troll C and flushed for troll E. There is a possibility of the Laytherithm linking into a circle, where Troll E would be flushed for troll A but troll A would be black for troll E, or they can end on their own.


Hemosectors (Any similarities between these sectors and any existing characters are purely coincidental.)


A relationship that stretches across multiple lifetimes.


A 3 way quadrant involving a couple and a third person that one troll in the couple has cheated on the other with.


A relationship that can only remain functional while one or both trolls are under the effects of a drug or other substance that modifies mental state.


A Matespritship that does not end even though one of the trolls involved no longer has flushed feelings This is because that troll is concerned about the way the Matesprite will react to the end of the romantic pairing.


A troll who is most comfortable having sexual interaction with two trolls at once.


A flushed or black coupling in which one of the trolls has a dual personality. Depending on the controlling personality, the status of the relationship can change or vicilliate completely.


A troll who’s relationship is so conflicted and complicated that no one can conclusively class it as a Matespritship or a Kismesissitude.


Similar to an Erosissitude, except instead of constantly vicilliating in their contrasting feelings for one another, the two trolls have a consistent relationship. For example, a troll has flushed feelings for another, but the other troll has black feelings for the original troll.


A flushed relationship where one troll dies to save the other. Whether this saviour is successful or not is irrelevant. Both trolls involved and also the killer will be a part of this quadrant.


A troll who’s sexual advances are done successfully and entirely without the use of words. This can include images, videos, sign language or simply no communication at all.


A troll that has a sexual relationship with a Lusus.


When a troll habitually and almost addictively cycles through innumerable flushed or caliginous flings.


A Kismesissitude formed on false information.


A flushed or black relationship that is made purely to garner attention


A single troll quadrant of when a troll causes the death of their Matesprite deliberately. The offending troll remains in this quadrant permanently, even if the murdered trolls come back to life.


The trolls in question achieve sexual fulfilment by theorising about the sexual activities of species other than their own, but find little pleasure in the details of their own species.


A relationship with sexual interaction that is based entirely on fetishes.


A sexual coupling between a troll and an animal or entire species of animal.


A relationship in which a past Moirallegiance becomes an enmity or Kismesissitude.


The one sided pair that is a Kismesissitude or Matespritship between a troll and a deity or the subject of a religion.

Counter Constituency

A Moirallegiance that is broken because a Moirall abandons their duty towards it. This couple is permanently blocked from access to the quadrant of Moirallegiance.


The single-troll quadrant that someone belongs to before they have their first matespritship. Similar to Human concepts of virginity. Sometimes lasts an entire lifetime. All Voidanced trolls belong here too.


A troll couple that comes into existence at the price of one or multiple moirallegiances belongs in this quadrant.


A troll couple who can only have enjoyable sex when under water, despite their ability to breathe above it. Preferably salty water.