jwu para mag-aral pero nabuksan ko yung photo booth bigla tapos gusto ko sana magpacute kaso natawa lang ako sa sarili ko kasi hello I’m nearing my 20′s pero bakit ko pa naiisip yung ganitong bagay at bakit may oras pa kong magpicture ng sarili ko eh prelims next week kaya lahat ng shot ko nakangiting natatawa HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

good morning guys!!! 🤗

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Omg ally can you link that video you were watching on Snapchat I'm dying hahahahahahahaha

HAHA yes

I feel like I need to explain how we got there first

I was performing a beautiful solo for Shae, who begun to conduct me with her hands, but I thought she was doing a ‘butt slap’ gesture

We then wondered if anyone had ever made a vine or if there were a video containing an orchestral conductor whose motions would resemble the same

She excitedly typed into youtube: “conductor slaps ass”, and yet we ended up on “spinderman slaps ass” insteas

Please enjoy.

Actually, I dare you to watch this whole video with a straight face, no smiling, no laughter. GO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22y_ZmCY4Bs


“I became obsessed with Harrison long before it became fashionable. I was a real trendsetter in that sense. I started a craze.”

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I never thought so many of you guys would be interested in my art, thank you <3 So this is just some mostly recognizable magic!Stiles and Derek for you (≧ω≦)

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