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Hey it's the anon who talked about school & asked for advice, you don't have to answer (I don't want to ruin your mood or anything) but I decided to dropout (I don't like this word 😅) but I seems that ever since I came to the decision that posts about school, graduating and college keep popping up and they're making me question if I chose the right thing. I do want to finish school, but cause I don't have enough credits I'd have to do it again, but school gives me so much anxiety & depression .

i’m happy to hear you made your choice! i know that can be hard. honestly my personal feelings are you don’t have to go to school or graduate to have a good life! you can work hard your own way and if you have your mother’s support i’m sure you will be fine. you can always go back to it or do it at your own pace. 

i almost said i hope you find something you have a passion for here but i don’t think that’s really needed either. having a passion for something is always nice of course  but i also feel a lot of people live just fine without working at something they really love. as long as you’re in a good environment and you have something to look forward to each day even if it’s something as simple as your favorite bowl of soup, i think that can be enough. 

good luck with it all! no decision is finite. concentrate on yourself for now and take a break! 

top 10 bts songs tagged by @jungkookslove

….every song by bts is the best song ever and deserves a grammy BUT since i can only pick 10 …here she is

1. save me..if u don’t think save me is good i don’t want to talk to u

2. ma city

3. runsus

4. spring day

5. let me know

6. rain

7. house of cards

8. awake

9. hold me tight

10. rise of bangtan

ill tag @yoonseokswife @jeonggukl @jjilljj @ksjknj @parkejimins @kimseokjinsthighs if u wanna!!!