#9 on the kiss meme: War’s End kiss (this, if you’re unfamiliar)

For some reason, for this prompt I immediately thought of a coffeeshop AU where Arthur is a rich businessman and Merlin is the cute server he sees every day in his favorite coffee shop, and of course after months and months of longing and misunderstandings and various antics, Arthur finally, dramatically, swoops in and confesses his love and kisses Merlin in front of everyone. :’D

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but luke begging you to put the icy hot on his back and shoulders because he’s not nimble enough to reach those parts and so he moans and groans into a pillow as you sit on his lower back and massage it in and when you ask if it hurts and you should stop he says painfully, “no, no, it’s not you. well.. kind of. just keep going, honey. i can take it."