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natxromanova  asked:

ok after much intense thought for my award I would like ur grossest headcanon on how Dean or Cas would propose to the other

this is so gross i’m so mad at u

ok so the thing is i’ve written two deancas proposals already (both cas proposing) and both of them were Super Hella Gross.

that’s not to say i’ve exhausted my gross deancas proposal ideas.

  • i think dean would spend like three weeks coming up with some elaborate plan that would somehow involve the impala or pie or something and he would run it by sam and sam would be like “dude, are you proposing to yourself? think about the things cas likes, not the things YOU like, you unromantic asshole.” and then dean would spend like another /month/ planning out some extravagant date involving a bee farm and cheeseburgers and a nice quiet field where they can fly kites
  • but then like three days before this shit is about to go down cas and dean would be sitting around watching tv and working on their laptops and cas would be like “wanna get married?”
  • because dean planned to be all romantic because cas is a romantic fella
  • and cas decided to be casual and unromantic because dean is not a romantic fella
  • and then dean says “sure” and they have a lot of butt sex and sam plans their whole wedding

brandilynnmcc: After the concert Tim goes “Did he melt your heart? ” I responded “I have never wanted to be a microphone stand that much in my entire life..” he said “I almost asked if you had some wet panties but I didn’t want to sound gross ” hahahahahaha Bruno Mars is too much too handle!

Mine mine mine mine mine. #notsharing #notsorry ! Who owns this photo!? I need you to give me these asap 😂😂 so obsessed with mango! It’s so funny because Tobi HATES a mango. He sees me eating it and is like “do not come near me, don’t!! Don’t kiss me get away that stuff is so gross” hahahahahaha😂 how can you hate mango!? Seriously. I’ve even found people who hate watermelon 😳 howwwwww please explain! www.kaylaitsines.com/guides

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