Out Of Context Critical Role Sentence Starters

“Seventeen! Puke on those fucking guards!“ 

 "I would like to buy your hair for a hundred gold pieces." 

 "You can’t walk off in the middle of hide-and-seek again! I’ve been in a barrel for an hour, I fell asleep in there!" 

 "I am a little evil magnet." 

 "Do you want to do a reach-around and see if you get a handful of wooden boob?" 

 "I show him my ass and I leave." 

 "I once saw him kill a man with his taint." 

 "I covered my hand in ink and, yeah…" 

 "My name is Burt Reynolds and that offends me." 

 "Your hands are just covered in piss now." 

 "I bury my shame." 

 "Don’t worry, I still have my lips." 

 "You realize that I was born to shove things in holes…" 

 "Vomit on those bitches." 

 "I’m the most wicked narwhal of all time!" 

 "Some people have no sense of FUCKING HONOR." 

 "You’ll leave when Burt Reynolds tells you to leave." 

 "Remember that time you killed a kid?" 

 "Turn around 180 degrees then run as fast as you can." 

 "I’m just sitting in the corner going HAHAHAHAHAA!" 

"The butt flap is down." 

 "It’s not sexual at all, I’m not attracted to you! Like literally if it happened I would be ill." 

 "Alright, I’ll whip it out again." 

 "Hey, _____. How much XP would _____ get for drowning an entire cargo hold of slave children?" 

 "What’s the term for when your penis is inverted?" 

 "Roses are red, violets are blue. We’re both gnomes and you are sooooo foxy.”

 "He smells of sandalwood. And dismissiveness.“ 

 "And my thoughts are still fuck you, no way, bye-bye." 

 "You’re right! He is no hollaback gnome." 

 "We don’t do anything with dignity!”

 ”_____’s lifeless corpse has a pool of urine around it.“ 

 "Nobody sweating more than is…you know necessary when being threatened by a big fuck-off dragon.“ 

 "Hit him in the arse!" 

 "Most of what I do is long and hard." 

 "I just got one of those terrible ideas I get on occasion." 

 "I died as I lived. Hard." 

 "I’m gonna dominate the guy in front." 


 "Fancy fancy mustache that you cannot wipe off your face!" 

 "Hey, look! I found a hole!" 

 "Oh! I got hit with his dick!" 

 "I’ll just punch him in his dragon face." 

 "I’m going to stand over here and fail to stay in character." 

 "Nothing can go wrong. This is a great idea!" 

 "He was trying to corrupt my soul or whatever…but good luck with that." 

 "You were like a dick in a box." 

 "This probably isn’t a good idea but…whatever." 

 "Will you come check this hatch for boobies?”

flutterhunter  asked:

CONSIDER THIS: Mermaid Princess Weiss, sneaking onto the beach of the nearby city, singing "Part Of Your World" from "The Little Mermaid." She surfaces and sits on a rock at the end, "When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love, love to explore that shore up above? Out of the sea/ Wish I could be / Part of that world..." and then Human Seashell Collector Ruby finally tells her she can hang out with her if she likes.


ok but has anyone noticed that when john and mary are dancing mary looks sherlock dead in the eyes as she holds john tight to her and sherlock is just there, watching, feeling awkward. this is probably the moment he realises beyond everything else that he quite simply does not belong here, in this room, where everyone has someone to dance with and he, as ever, has no one. 

alone is what he has. alone protects him.

except now he knows what it’s like to have someone, so what once protected him is now slowly killing him.


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I don’t think I’ve posted my procrastination animations. haha–

The first one wasn’t a procrastination tho I actually worked too long on that to the point of laziness to color.

I need to work more on my animations tbh,,

“Hey, it’s Valentine’s day in few days !”

Aries: Uh,, yeah *half confused, half doesn’t know what to say*


Gemini: And here I am, lonely as shit ._.

Cancer: Yes ! :-) What are your plans ?? (will actually ask you out if you have no plans)


Virgo: lmao i still have that chocolate from last year.

Libra: *sobbing* How the hell am i the only person single ?!?!

Scorpio: *sexy look*

Sagittarius: Yes, I know ! I’m curious to see how many valentine’s cards i’ll get. last year it was 32.

Capricorn: W-who ??… Isn’t that the guy from Yuri On Ice ???

Aquarius: i don’t care.

Pisces: *shy smile* Are you… are you like asking me out or something ??

fucking sawamura




“men’s honor”

“yours truly’s”

“my fair lady”

sawamura is so happy about this that his brain lost its function

sawamura.exe has stopped working

^ this is so me seriously

look at how happy sawamura is hahaha

okumura doesnt look that annoyed at him either

who else would come up with these puns??? haha
fucking sawamura

yes. agree. finally

honestly im just being here like

“im proud of u ma frend. the hard-working warrior sawamura eijun has finally leveled up, though he has yet to reach his max level. my dear little warrior, you surely must have felt overjoyed when you read these words phrased with kindness.“

reading this official translations, i feel like getting goosebumps tbh man

shit, who wouldnt get goosebumps??

sawamura moved by kataokas words

so blunt into the face (honestly i enjoyed it a bit)

but honestly, this is the best way to make him realize a few things about himself. it was needed. kataoka had to point this out.


well this chapter was by no means bad, it was actually one of the most unexpected chapters (everyone on mangafox thought that it was just a filler chapter based on the spoilers)
im always astound at how formal and encouraging kataokas words are.. i mean, of course it should be like this.. but just reading this makes me think that he deeply respects and trusts his players and that he is very proud of them. i really like it!

so then.. i also get bad vibes from this too, because of this

im pretty sure they have mentioned injuries a lot (well of course they would, in every important tournament someone got injured)

if he can do well, he would be the preliminary ace..
from all the pitchers.. sawamura is the only one who didnt get injured (physically).
furuya was injured twice, his first spring tournament (cracked nail) and fall tournament (his ankle was sprained)
kawakami was “injured” when he hit raichis pitch - his fingers were numb so he couldnt pitch properly anymore
and sawamura? well, he had yips… i mean from this is a huge mental problem and kept him from playing like he wanted to.. but im talking about physical injuries.

this is a huuuuge red flag here. “if he can show good results”. i really have a bad feeling about this
everything is going way too smooth for sawamura.. i think that sawamura will get injured. he probably takes good take of his shoulder (cuz chris) so i doubt that he will strain his shoulder..
my gut feeling also tells me something is going to happen, my gut feeling is quite on point… (not always tho)