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ut,uf,us,sf papyrus react to walking in on their brother in a middle of a make out session?

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UT Papyrus: He gets so flustered. “I’M SORRY. I DIDN’T MEAN TO. I WILL LEAVE YOU TWO BE!” He will then turn around and run. He will run out of the building. He will be flustered for about a week.

UF Papyrus: “ON MY COUCH! SERIOUSLY!?” Both will be lectured for about an hour. The couch is for sitting. Nothing else. Ya nasty.

US Papyrus: “Am I interrupting something?” He’s prettying chill about it. Mostly just want to see Sans get flustered. He did. He also probably fell.

SF Papyrus: Sorry, all I thought was Regina George’s mom.
“Do you guys need anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know.”


Crow: And you notice how he can’t even. Like at NO POINT during this insane clawing toward redemption/Reichenbach Falls has he ever mentioned Dean and Roman’s name.
Crow: Or the Shield. He can’t.
Crow: Bring himself to say it. And if he starts apologizing for what he did to them then he’ll never be able to stop, and it wouldn’t be ENOUGH he’s ACCEPTED that.
Crow: He understands he has no right to their forgiveness.
Crow: So he isn’t going to obligate them to give it to him.

Look mates I’m all for this redemption arc and Crow does have a point about “Why doesn’t he just ask Roman or Dean for forgiveness” HE DOESN’T BELIEVE HE’S EARNED THE RIGHT IS WHY AND WHAT GOOD WOULD “I’M SORRY” DO NOW and if he can’t forgive himself why should anyone else?
No, nope. He’s been letting his actions speak ever since he kindasorta made peace with Roman a while back and he’s going to do it again now. 

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Everyone's asking about Adrien/Chloe/Nino backstory, but I'm curious: what's the backstory on Mari and Alya? Are they friends with Mylene, Max, Ivan, Kim, etc.?

So far in the story it’s been mentioned that Marinette went to school with Alya, Rose, and we can safely assume Juleka as well. 

But they didn’t go to school with Nino or Nathanael.



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