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Oohh.. For the prompt, ten x rose and 10?

10. not wearing that

This is the second half to THIS ficlet I wrote yesterday for @countessselena. I ended up reposting it as one full fic on AO3. 

I hope you enjoy it!! :)


Going Local, Part 2

When Rose returns to her room, she walks to her closet to change into her favorite pair of jeans before chips, but all her clothes have disappeared. Looking around curiously, she strokes the wall. “What’s this, then? You tryin’ to tell me something?”

The lights brighten briefly, then focus on her bed. With a shrug, Rose walks over and laughs loudly when she spots the item the TARDIS has placed there. “So we’re not goin’ for chips, I take it?” she asks, then pulls out the strappy leather garment from her inside her jacket. “Suppose I should figure out how to put this on.”

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good to know lance always has macy’s back