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lion + owner comforts
  • red is overwhelmingly in sync with keith
    • keith is an emotional onion with layer after layer of walls he’s built
    • he rarely reveals any of his emotions or insecurities until he feels far enough away or alone enough to peel back everything
      • he’s so used to being alone, sometimes so many people can be oppressive
    • red has fine-tuned itself to keith’s emotions, and can read him better than any of the paladins
    • they know instinctively when keith needs to be alone, and fly him away without needing any guidance on his part
    • they settle somewhere far from the castle, and just sit in silence and let keith breathe until he’s ready to go back
  • black is the rock
    • they’re always there, a constant, a reassuring pressure
    • whenever he gets swept away by his Galran flashbacks, black is always ready to soothe and bring him back
      • even a nudge on the back from black is enough to help shiro remember to breathe
      • black can sense when shiro is undergoing a flashback, and transmits senses of safety and comfort to him
        • when flying. they play soothing music, and change the lights to a warmer yellow - things that both help to comfort him
    • if it occurs in the middle of a battle, they can auto-pilot and fight while shiro comes back to himself
  • green is the mothering one
    • always sits by pidge as they work
      • dozes while they talk about their work
      • always paying attention though - once, when pidge got stuck, green stuck out a paw and tapped on the piece they needed
    • keeps a handle on pidge whenever they get too wrapped up in anything - their work, their emotions, their fears
      • known to pick pidge up by the neck of their shirt and drag them to bed when they’re up too late
      • brings them food and drinks while they’re working
      • will forcefully nudge them away from their work to play or walk or just take a break
  • blue is protective
    • cares a lot about lance, and is very comfortable showing it
    • will put a paw in to break up lance and keith when they get a little too intense, growling a little in warning
      • eventually realises they’re just bantering, and starts nudging them together instead
    • also will get between lance and the alien he’s flirting with if they have a bad impression of said alien
    • plays along with all of his antics and his dumb ideas, like letting him stand on their head while dramatically singing Prince Ali
    • sleeps with lance whenever he gets homesick
      • curls up with him and purrs the whole night while lance sleeps
  • yellow is hunk’s source of courage
    • gentle and caring, they always know just how to push hunk in the right direction
      • proudly approves of everything he does
    • works with him through his travel-sickness, and slowly but surely hunk grows to be an absolutely beautiful pilot
    • knows a lot about hunks issues, as he’s often just confiding in yellow
    • allows hunk and pidge to tinker and explore their various parts, sitting still and patient while they work
      • this gives hunk an immense confidence boost, as he feels yellow really trusts him
      • he works out a way to install a motion stabiliser, which not only lessens his travel-sickness but also makes yellow feel special
Sorry, It's A Cultural Analysis of Slash.

So I started this after reading a New Yorker article on BBC’s Sherlock, which was short, but went into some detail about fandom. And I’m continuing it in the face of some ugly TW wank. And you know what, I actually have read a lot of articles about fandom and fanfiction coming from the mainstream press - there’s been an awful lot since they figured out how to monetize fic in the past few years. Our shining ambassadors in the world of publishing are E.L. James and Cassandra Clare, of course, so maybe I can’t blame them for missing the point. But I really do wonder why they seem to completely miss the two most obvious reasons why slashfic (their favorite bit to tittilate readers with) exists, particularly with a large female audience. Frankly, I would think a revolution in female porn consumers would be infinitely interesting to write about, but what do I know. Pretty much everything I’ve read writes about this with the most patronizing and indulgent tone possible.

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