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here’s a compilation of highlight hitting eachother’s bare ass’ on live tv. when have your faves ever?!?!?!

it was punishment if you didn’t say “highlight” before calling someone’s name. then if you laughed you got slapped. kikwang hit’s doojoon’s butt so hard that it was still red when yoseob hit it at the end like 10 minutes later

Nagito: As the executor of Mr. Hinata’s estate, I have been empowered to read Mr. Hinata’s Last Will And Testament.

Kazuichi: Well, get on with it, the bars open soon.

Junko: Oh, poor, dear Hajime! Waaaa!

Mikan: Oh, there, there, Junko.

Izuru: God, how predictably boring.

Chiaki: I never met a kinder man.

Nagito: If we are all seated, I shall proceed with the reading.

Izuru: I knew it.

Kazuichi: Heh heh heh heh.

Nagito: "I, Hajime Hinata, being of sound mind and body…“

Kazuichi: That’s a laugh!

Nagito: ”…do hereby divide up my considerable estate as follows. To my overly emotional sister, Junko…“

Junko: Waaaa!

Mikan: Junko, darling, he’s talking about us.

Junko: Oh.

Nagito: ”…who grubbed with her wife, Mikan, grubbed for everything they could get from me, and then cried crocodile tears when I needed sympathy…“

Junko: What?

Nagito: ”…To Junko, I leave a boot to the head.“

Junko: A what?


Junko: Ow!

Mikan: Junko, are you okay?

Nagito: ”…and another boot to her wimpy wife, Mikan.“


Mikan: Ow!

Kazuichi: Hahahahaha…

Junko: This is an outrage!

Nagito: ”…ah, but still, you are my sister, you have both admired my Rolls Royce, and since I no longer need it…“

Junko: Oh, dear Hajime, he’s too kind!

Mikan: Yes.

Nagito: ”…I bequeath another boot to the head.“

Junko: What?


Junko: Ow!

Kazuichi: Hahahaha…

Nagito: "And one more for the wimp.”


Mikan: Ow!

Nagito: "Next, to my alcoholic best friend…“

Kazuichi: Hey, I don’t want no boot to the head!

Nagito: ”…to dear Kazuichi, who has never worked a day in his drunken life…“

Kazuichi: I’m coverin’ up my head!

Nagito: ”…I leave my wine cellar and three crates of my finest whiskey.“

Kazuichi: Really?

Nagito: "And a boot to the head.”


Kazuichi: OH!

Nagito: "And another for Junko and the wimp.“


Junko: Oh!


Mikan: Ow!

Nagito: "Next, to my know-it-all personality, Izuru…”

Izuru: This is so predictable…

Nagito: "…I leave a boot to the head.“


Izuru: Uh! I knew it.

Nagito: "And one for Junko and the wimp.”


Junko: Ah!


Mikan: OH!

Nagito: "And now to Chiaki…“

Chiaki: Oh, uh, I don’t want nothin’.

Nagito: ”…who took care of me faithfully these many, many years, who cared, made me laugh, brought me tea…“

Chiaki: Oh, I didn’t mind.

Nagito: "To Chiaki, I bequeath a boot to the head.”


Chiaki: OH!

Nagito: "And one for Junko and the wimp.“


Junko: AH!


Mikan: OH!

Nagito: "And so, to my cat Mittens, I leave my entire vast…boot to the head!”



Nagito: "And finally, to my lawyer, who has helped me on this will, I leave not a boot to the head…but a rabid Tasmanian devil, to be placed in his trousers?!“ Ooohhh!! Oh, huh huh huh huh, and, and, ”…and I leave my entire estate of $10 million to the people of Hope’s Peak so they can afford to move somewhere decent!“ Huh.

Mikan: Is that it?

Izuru: That’s it?

Kazuichi: That’s disgraceful.

Nagito: There’s one last thing for everyone.

Kazuichi: Cover your heads, everybody!

Nagito: "I leave everyone a lifetime supply of ice cream.”

Mikan: Ice cream?

Kazuichi: Ice cream?

Izuru: Ice cream, that’s all?

Nagito: That’s all.

Chiaki: Well, what flavor is it?

Nagito: Boot to the head!



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"How'd you get this?"

Send me “How’d you get this?” For my muses reaction to yours tracing one of their scars and asking how they got it | accepting

— There was a silence which loomed over her, watching as her
                   dearest mother traced gently over the burn marks of her fingers;
                   all of which were circular and around the same size, all painted
                   and etched onto her knuckles and the skin between her fingers.

                           ’ My father … ’ She whispered so very softly.

           She wasn’t talking about Scepan, heavens no. She was talking about her
           blood related father, the one whom had disowned her because she wasn’t
           good enough, because she didn’t back down in times where she wanted
           the truth to be in the light. The man she considered to be a monster, more
           so when he would drink.

             ’ When he & my mother had gotten divorced, I’d have to
               make dinner a few nights when I lived with him, when I
               burnt the food, well, h-he burnt me. ’
A shaken laughter left
               her lips, making it out as a joke was something that she could
               do to cope with such dark memories.

                             ’ I-I don’t burn anything now, so it’s fine …“