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As for whether he was thinking of changing his allegiance since he plans to remain in the city for a few more years, Moir did not want to go too far.
“You know, it’s hard to be an Olympian, but it’s even more of a supporter of the Leafs in Montreal,” he said with a smile on his face. "That being said, I like to watch the Canadiens games, when I have some free time. You never know, maybe one day I’ll change my tune.”

– Scott Moir

he is a changed man…😎

Dangerous Woman

Pairing: Agent!Y/N/!Military!Michael

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 2.500+

Summary: Living the double life, Agent Y/N and military Michael are married together but do not know know they secretly beat each other’s asses every single night. 

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I just want Dean to be told that he’s a good man

I just want Dean to be hugged and told it’ll all be alright in the end

I just want Dean to be held while he’s crying

I just want Dean to have someone he can talk to openly and get everything off his shoulder

I just want Dean to be told he is needed and feel he is needed too

I just want Dean to feel he is worthy

I just want Dean to be caressed and loved and taken care of


I have a confession....

On Saturday my friend got me started on the first two episodes of Sons of Anarchy…needless to say I was hooked instantly…to the point where I finished all of season 1 yesterday!!

I have fallen into a new hole and that is the Jax Teller hole….all last night and all this morning I have been reading Jax fanfic >.<

I just….I CAN’T HELP IT!!!! LOOK AT HIM!!!

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….*sigh* I’m already in deep….AND I DON’T CARE!!!! 


Inktober Day 9: Elegance

Me a week ago: I will never draw another flower for the rest of my life. Flowers are the devil.

Me today: Let’s draw flowers! I love pain!

ANYWAYS. Yusuke is such a lovely character. His design is probably my favorite out of the lads in P5~


4x01 // 6x15 -  “A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets, no lies.”

Somebody, or just you?

I just want somebody to take me on a date. Go with me to the cinemas and hold my hand in the dark. Take me to a bookstore and leave notes in our favourite books for future readers. Go on a walk with me on a late summer afternoon, when the air is crisp and almost chilly and the leaves have just turned red and yellow. For someone to hold my hand and snuggle up with me while drinking hot cocoa as we rewatch old disney movies. For someone to laugh their ass off with me at dumb puns. For someone to shine up the way I do when I see them. To greet me with hugs and forehead kisses. To hold me close in their arms. To make me feel safer by a simple touch. Forehead touches, warm hugs, laughing, soft kisses, and looks that say I love you. Hand holding in the dark, slow dancing, spontaneous singing, safety and home. I want somebody to just be there.

Atobe Keigo - Charm Point wa Nakibokuro (Tenipuri Festa 2016)

A bit of a preview while the rest of the show finishes encoding.

Yare! Do it!! was my favorite song of the weekend overall, but this one made the transition to DVD way better - listen to just how ridiculously loud the audience was Σ(°д°lll) Tenipuri fans are intense, yo.