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I SAID I WOULD WAIT, but good lord nevermind, I had to. Here’s a quick little thing inspired by @clutchhedonist​‘s amazing 24/7 AU, whose third part just wrapped up today!! Welcome to the trash bin of sin, y’all ✨

“What Has Been Seen” - Kurt/Blaine

Anon prompted: Sam walks in on Kurt and Blaine doing real wanky stuff on Mercedes’ couch somewhere between 5x14 and 5x20 and they get lectured by the diva herself.


Warnings: super light D/s 

~2100 words | AO3

Sam cradles his paper grocery bags in one arm, fumbling with the keys to his (and Mercedes’ and Blaine’s) apartment. He can’t wait to dump the bag on the kitchen counter, take his newest pint of Ben & Jerry’s to the couch, and settle down for another Facts of Life binge. Blaine’s out on date night with Kurt, Mercedes is working at the studio, and his next photoshoot isn’t until tomorrow afternoon; it’s a perfect opportunity to stay up late following Mrs. Garrett and the girls’ wholesome lesbian adventures.

He finally gets the door open—nearly losing his beloved ice cream in the process as it tilts dangerously towards the edge of the bag—and immediately hears the sounds of porn.

Wait. What?

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i guess we know who is going to be the first to say goodbye now… hahahahaha get it hahahaha laughing through the tears thinking about one direction breaking up one day ahahhaha