hahahahaha goodbye


I SAID I WOULD WAIT, but good lord nevermind, I had to. Here’s a quick little thing inspired by @clutchhedonist​‘s amazing 24/7 AU, whose third part just wrapped up today!! Welcome to the trash bin of sin, y’all ✨

i guess we know who is going to be the first to say goodbye now… hahahahaha get it hahahaha laughing through the tears thinking about one direction breaking up one day ahahhaha

anonymous asked:

Will slamming hannibal down onto the dinner table and fucking the ever loving shit out of him in front of hannibals dinner guests

I’m just imagining all his uptight guests being lik oh my word goodness me, and they do it all over his fancy food and will’s like smashing octopus and shit into his face or like right into that weird red gravy ohmyfu

Like, that scene from season 1 when hannibal has a dinner party and there’s like a huge table with tons of people all dressed up and will just comes out of nOWHERE and just pulls his dick out like "my sausage is the only thing ull be eating tonight big boy" banging him into the table so hard like its shaking and knocking glasses over hahahahaha goodbye