hahahahah don't touch me


“It should be me,” he repeats, voice and expression angry with a hard edge of heartbreak. His voice is louder than it needs to be. “Okay, maybe no’ now. Maybe no’ until much, much later, bu’ it should be me. It’s me an’ you, Jem. Always has been. Thas’ the way it was s’pposed ta be.” He rubs a hand across his forehead, chuckling bitterly. “I mean, who even is this guy? You’ve known him, wha’, six months? You’ve known me for eleven years, Jemma. It wasn’ Daniel tha’ stayed up all nigh’ with you ta help you ge’ through your finals when your grandfather died. It wasn’ Daniel who showed up a’ midnigh’ ta pick you up from parties you didn’ wan’ ta be a’ tha’ your friends dragged you to. Daniel wasn’ your fitness partner a’ the academy, an’ Daniel wasn’ the one who dropped everything to take care of you when you were sick. Tha’ was me. An’….I know, alrigh’? I get it. This guy, this guy, he, he, he makes more money than I do, an’ he’s better looking than I am, an’ he can take you places other than the bloody lab, bu’ the fac’ of the matter is tha’ compared to me, he barely knows you.”

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