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February 10th: Friendship Day


I could have drawn only Simon and Penelope, but I wanted to draw the trio of friends.

I’m a day late! Yey!



While I was editing the post by accident I deleted it hahahaha -cries-.

something stupid (like i love you) Chapter 3, a vampire diaries fanfic | FanFiction

Bonnie seems so wistful and crestfallen that Rebekah decides this is a terrible time to point out that things are bound to get infinitely more complicated once she realizes that her pursuit of a “normal” relationship with Graham is an elaborate attempt to escape the truth of her feelings for Nik and, by extension, the truth of what her life really is.


Peacefulness wasn’t enough. She’d keep fighting. And fighting wasn’t enough, she’d win. But once I remembered that she was fighting a fight she’d already lost, all I had to do was change the fight. Take her back to Bahrain.

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If it hasn't been done, their reaction to hearing MC swearing the first time. Nothing highly offensive, just something like her finger getting smashed from a heavy book or a slip up at dinner with jabbing herself with the knife.


Let’s say she drops the F-bomb in a meeting after spilling hot tea on herself.

Louis - *shocked because he wouldn’t say shit if he had a mouthful, his mouth is just hanging open*

Albert - “Well, oh my. These Wysterians are rather uncouth.”

Robert - “I don’t think … ladies are supposed to talk like that.” *is scared*

Giles - *faints* all that tutoring out the door…

Nico - “Hahahaha!” *cries*

Alyn - “She did not learn that from me.” *slinks away*

Rayvis - “I’ll get the soap.”

Leo - “Oooh spicy.” *snickering*

Byron - “Hand me those treaty papers, you got a fuckin’ deal.”

Sid - “I’ll take one potty mouth to go…. to my room.”

That’s the definition of a soulmate, isn’t it? One soul, two halves, split between two separate forms. Alike in every respect.

In a world where people are born with a coloured marking somewhere on their body, your soulmate is supposed to be the one who carries the exact same mark. Kurosaki Ichigo has never put much stock in these things — and the fact that his black sun mark and Rukia’s white crescent moon is as different as night and day has nothing to do with it. Ichiruki soulmates AU- maybe. 

(Hey guys! This was my entry for IRBB! I have two chapters written - the next chapter will go up next week - and then the rest of the fic will join my roster of wip fics to be updated… when I have time…. hahahaha //cries// 

My partner @jellyribbons did the CUTEST art for my fic, which YOU CAN FIND HERE. Thank you for being such a gem, juliet, even when I didn’t give you much to work with 8ㅁ8

And now, without further ado, please enjoy my irbb fic–

Collision Course

by hashtagartistlife



Gravitational Collapse




There’s a black mark on Ichigo’s palm.

He’s never spent too much time contemplating it. People attribute so many things to these tiny coloured markings that appear on their skin. They say it tells you the kind of person you are, the kind of person you’re going to be. They say the person you’re destined to be with — your soulmate — has the exact same mark somewhere on their body. Because that’s what the definition of a soulmate is, isn’t it— one soul, two halves, split between two separate forms.  Alike in every respects. There are entire religions based around this concept, dating sites that cater exclusively to making sure you meet up with your other half. Psychics that claim they can read your entire future from that one mark alone.

Ichigo thinks, it’s just a goddamn birthmark.

He hates all this destiny crap surrounding these marks. When Tatsuki had asked him at the age of thirteen what his mark looked like, he’d scowled and told her to shove off. His hand had clenched, reflexive, around the shape getting ever-clearer against his tanned skin. She’d harrumphed, unperturbed, and informed him hers was the shape of a crimson eagle and that it clearly meant she was destined for greater things than him, if his mark was still the misshapen blob she remembers it being when he was nine. He’d responded that her mark looks more like a puddle of spew than the eagle she claimed it to be, and she’d thrown a well-aimed kick at his shoulder and the conversation had been dropped.

By the time he’s fifteen, the mark is well and truly etched onto his skin, no longer misshapen by any stretch of the imagination. Still, he refuses to pay too much attention to it, refuses to try to analyse the shape it’s settled into. It’s all bullshit, anyway. If he squints, he thinks you could almost mistake it for an ink-black sun — see? Bullshit. There was only one sun in his life, and she’d set six years ago and taken all the light in his family with her. His mother was the sun, the one holding them all together with her gravity; not him. And if his soulmate is anything like him, if they, too, are represented by a dark black sun mark somewhere on their body, then he wants nothing to do with them. He wants nothing to do with himself, most days.

So when Keigo asks, exuberant, innocent, what his mark is, Ichigo looks him straight in the eye and tells him he doesn’t believe in destiny.

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12x14 Coda

With all the talk of killing vampires, Dean finds his mind drifting back to Benny. Hearing about the cruel way in which the BMOL are exterminating them, his stomach twists. It’s not right. Granted they might be monsters, they might have killed innocents but surely they don’t deserve the torture that the BMOL are handing out. He’s almost glad that he’d killed Benny himself on Benny’s terms (for the most part) - even if it had been one of the hardest decisions he’d made. 

As he sits alone in his room in the bunker, music floating out of an old set of speakers he’d bought himself a few months ago, he does his best to forget. He doesn’t want to forget Benny… that’s the last thing he ever wants to do.

I’m not a good fit.  That’s what Benny had said to him - and still Dean had wanted him back.

When you get back up here, we’re gonna fix all that, okay? he was stupid to think Benny was ever coming back. Just stupid and naive and desperate. 

Dean picks up the bottle of scotch Ketch left behind. He forgoes the glass this time and takes a dirty swig, some dribbling from the corners of his mouth. He’s giving up caring. Everything is wrong and he’s trying to make sense and good of it all but it’s not working. 

Tipping his head back against his bed, he almost relishes in the fact that sitting on the floor is uncomfortable. A few more swigs of scotch and there won’t be much to feel anymore anyway. He sets the bottle on the floor by his leg and picks up his phone.

This is Benny, leave a message.” It’s his voicemail, not that he was expecting anything else. It’s also his voice, the low southern drawl that makes tears spring to his eyes,

Nothing’s right anymore, Benny. Just wish I could talk to you… I’m sorry.”


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Microreviews are back! This round’s prompt: Currently Reading

This is a fun tag game that lets you all review books super quickly and get conversation going! I’m personally super lazy, and don’t write reviews all that often, so I love the idea of doing small, quick ones like this!

Here are the rules:

- Join in even if you haven’t been tagged 
- Answer as elaborately as you want 
- Tag friends to make their own microreviews
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- For more info: Visit Melanie’s FAQ ( @thelibraryofmars )

(My microreview under the cut)

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92 questions

I was tagged by @seatudying, and I tag all of you that want to do it!

1. Drink:  Coke
2. Phone call: my aunt earlier tonight 
3. Text message: “look at you go!!!” to my best friend :))
4. Song you listened to: hmm something on the radio on the way home

5. Time you cried: hahahaha in the grocery store yesterday bc i couldn’t find the mac and cheese i’m a wreck and my hormones hate me okay

6. Dated someone twice: nah
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: lol no

8. Been cheated on: nope
9. Lost someone special: yeah :(
10. Been depressed: I think in middle school, but never ~officially~

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nah
12-14: blue, blush, deep green
15. Made new friends: yes!
16. Fallen out of love: hmm kinda yeah
17. Laughed until you cried: yess
18. Found out someone was talking about you: hm not that i can remember
19. Met someone who changed you: for sure
20. Found out who your friends are: sort of?
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: nope

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: uhh all except for some people i’ve added from my new school
23. Do you have any pets: two dogs!
24. Do you want to change your name: nah not really! i would maybe change my legal name to Abigail to be a lil more ~grown up~ but i’d still go by abby :)
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: I went to new york for the weekend after my birthday! it was so much fun ah
26. What time did you wake up: like 930ish
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: online shopping probs
28. Name something you can’t wait for: next week bc something v exciting is happening that i don’t wanna say and jinx hahaha
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: literally currently looking at her
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: hmm i’d like to be rich thanksss
31. What are you listening to right now: pretty little liars
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: hmm i work with one!
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: there’s a bit of chicken stuck in my teeth and it’s driving me nuts
34. Most visited websites: pinterest tumblr and my email
35. Mole/s: one on my arm
36. Mark/s: a birthmark on my back & a few scars here and there
37. Childhood dream: detective (… in the 50′s bc nancy drew was life)

38. Hair color: auburn 
39. Long or short hair: long when it’s straight but if it’s natural it’s kinda medium
40. Do you have a crush on someone: not really atm
41. What do you like about yourself: my work ethic!
42. Piercings: just my ears
43. Blood type: i should def know this buuuut i don’t
44. Nickname: abs
45. Relationship status: single
46. Zodiac: cancer

47. Pronouns: she/her
48. Favorite TV Show: Friends is defs my most-watched!
49. Tattoos: hahahaha i chickened out of getting my first one last week
50. Right or left hand: right
51. Surgery: none
52. Hair dyed in different color: nah i wouldn’t ever wanna dye my hair
53. Sport: i’ve been skiing since i was 4!
55. Vacation: ahh i travel a lot with my mom’s work but the last vacation was nyc!
56. Pair of trainers: uhm i have a pair of nike running shoes if that’s what this is asking??? 
57. Eating: chicken and mozzarella sticks (late dinner after babysitting okay)
58. Drinking: Coke
59. I’m about to: get ready for bed
61. Waiting for: this episode to end lol

62. Want: hmm a nap, money, puppies, ice cream
63. Get married: I’d like to!
64. Career: a writer for a magazine
65. Hugs or kisses: hugs 
66. Lips or eyes: eyes
67. Shorter or taller: taller?

68. Older or younger: older
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: stomach
71. Sensitive or loud: sensitive 
72. Hook up or relationship: relationship
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: neither?
74. Kissed a Stranger: nope
75. Drank hard liquor: not in large quantities lol
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: i’ve lost sunglasses
77. Turned someone down: yeah
78. Sex on the first date: hard pass
79. Broken someone’s heart: maybe?
80. Had your heart broken: yeah, but not romantically?

81. Been arrested: nope
82. Cried when someone died: for sure
83. Fallen for a friend: yeah, bad call man
84. Yourself: yeah totally 😅
85. Miracles: definitely 
86. Love at first sight: nope (unless it’s a baby or a puppy)
87. Santa Claus: DUH
88. Kiss on the first date: hmm it depends
90. Current best friend name: Mads
91. Eye color: they change?? blue/green/grey 
92. Favorite movie: it changes sm wow


Feliciano: We work for Mr. Ludwig! Gilbert has his own servants, but he is often at the master’s house. I wouldn’t mind having Mr. Gilbert as the boss, but he’d be hitting on me all the time (Although I consider that is flattering)

Kiku: I don’t trust him…

Feliciano: You don’t trust anyone, Ki.

(Thank you, fabulous anon)(I don’t know how to draw Gil hahahaha -cri-)


I couldn’t sleep last night so I drew snk characters into FE:Awakening classes?? okay