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Haikyuu!! Week Day 1 - First serve

Keep in mind that Suga is actually 6 months older than Daichi. So he should know better than teach little kids such dangerous stuff.

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In which Genos is easily impressed by everything Saitama does p.2 ???

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A/N: Guess who’s feeling a bit angsty today? I just challenged myself to write a quick one to get rid of my writer’s block, and this is what I came up with! Tell me if you guys think of it! xx

Some say it was the right place at the wrong time, some say it was the other way around, but with Luna, it was just not meant to be. Plain and simple.

It started out quite nicely, seeing a boy across the room. Their eyes met, and she saw him smile, raising the glass he’s holding as he talked to the people around him. Not long after, he’s plucked up the courage to walk up to her and introduce himself.

From strangers to friends, and from friends to best friends where people would already assume they were together. Harry and Luna had made it a game whenever people would mistake them as a couple. They’d play along. Maybe a bit of hand holding here and there, his arm over her shoulder, and hugs given out until the moment they would laugh and couldn’t take it anymore. They’ll eventually tell the people they are with that they’re nothing more than just friends.

But friends wasn’t what Harry wanted. He wanted more. He did enjoy pretending to be her boyfriend, even just for a few minutes. He wanted to be the real deal. He did love holding her and how she felt against him. So he did ask her, and she said yes. It was no surprise to anyone that they did end up together. It was no surprise that it felt like it was meant to be, and that they were in it for the long haul. People loved seeing them together, hoping that they would end up married with children in the next years to come, but it wasn’t what happened.

He said goodbye. Not in the cruelest way possible, no. It was the most peaceful conversation they’ve ever had. They saw it coming long before it was even brought up, but no one had the guts to say it. Or maybe they were hoping things would turn out differently, but it didn’t. That was it, they had to separate. With tears in their eyes, they parted ways. There was so much left to be said, but they didn’t have the courage to voice everything out. They tried their best to save it, but it’s just not working.

No matter how much people said they were perfect, and no matter how much people hope they’d be back together, she knew deep in herself that it’ll never happen. The people that they were are completely different from who they are now, or at least who she is. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore, and that scared her. Too many things had changed, good or bad, it changed her completely. And she knows she’s not the person he fell in love with anymore, and he’s never coming back.

With a swig of the alcohol that has been keeping her company the whole night, there she lived in her fantasies, her what ifs and what could have beens.

Some say it was at the right place at the wrong time, some say it was the other way around, but with her, it was a dream that will haunt her forever.

the struggles of going for another route
  • zen: so you don't like my photo?
  • me, clutching my chest and cringing in pain: ...no
  • zen: hmph.
  • me:
  • me, whispering to myself: my heart is breaking

I am such trash for this AU and i never knew it.

i am also a sucker for tummy kisses. helllloooo~