Jisuk and RapMon’s attempt at the Prisoner’s Escape Rope trick. [x]

ok so somehow meowtsuoka and i started talking about how rin and haru would be the worst wingmen bc they would forget they were trying to set people up and get distracted by each other. and obviously they’re trying to set up sousuke and makoto bc sousuke is going to have a big nerdy crush on him ok just you wait. so here have these hcs (that will never be remotely close to the truth sorry everyone)

  • rin convinces haru to help him help sousuke bc sousuke has become nitori and calls every time they get together. he visits his room every night and asks about makoto “he likes cats right? do you think wearing cat ears would work?” “does he like tall guys??” “he kinda dresses like a soccer mom, do you think i should dress like a dad????” and rin didn’t sign up for this. he can’t deal with two nitoris ok and if haru loves him he would help

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