hahahaha i will delete this later! just a bit of fun for my sweet friends

With You

I wanted to write something in regards to an ask we received in which I stated Kevin does not want to talk about the future, just because something that really warmed my heart happened and I wanted to write about our conversation. This is for those who “ship” us, and I’ll probably delete it if he sees because he’ll get embarrassed. It even reads like a SasuSaku AU fanfic hahahaha.


“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”


“A follower is asking.”

“Uh…owning a comic shop, I guess…”

“…That’s it?”

“I guess.”

My heart sank. Two years in and still no mention of a future, still no jokes about it, still no conversations, still met with indifference or anger. I sat quietly, my hands hovering above the keyboard. For myself, I had written a whole paragraph about a future with him. Doubt filled my mind as I moved my hand over the backspace key and deleted all of it.

“Why won’t you talk with me about the future?”

“…I just don’t make promises. I’m just not that kind of person.”

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