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[Trans: hellosaya (Tumblr)]
[Video source: woojaes]

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- Remarks -
(…) = B.A.P’s comments
Without (…) = Actual MC Part
*……* = Their actions

HC *talks during MC*
(HC: Who is this?*Cover his face with Tatsmato*)
(YJ: *high pitch* Himu~chan~!)
YJ: It’s special talent time.
DH: Youngjae San has something to show us right?
HC: Youngjae San has some special talent right?
(HC: What am I saying?)
(DH: Do I usually speak in this way?)
(YJ: Un!! [he means “Yes”])
(DH: *Use Kekemato to hit YJ’s cheek*)
YJ: I have a special talent…I want to show everyone. Do you guys know that Japanese animate?
(DH: *Looking at the screen with HimJae on it* Youngjae’s face is really small…hahaha *laugh*)
(ZL: It’s because Himchan Hyung had his hair up)
YJ: Naruto San!
DH: Ahhhh…
(DH: I’m the only one who looks so dark… [He means his skin tone])
YJ: I’m going to imitate Naruto San.
(DH: Why did Himchan Hyung went next to Youngjae? Hahaha?)
YJ: Let’s do it together.
DH: Together?
YJ: *no response*
(DH: *Looking at YJ* Why didn’t you listen to what I said?)
(YJ: It’s kinda tiring for us to listen to your blabbering every time we perform.)
(DH: *Use Kekemato to hit Jokomato*)
B.A.P lined up in one line with YJ in front. HC held the mic for YJ.
(HC: Yes, we are tired.)
(YJ:*high pitch* Jokomato~~)
HC adjusting the position of the mic for YJ.
(HC: The one behind you was…)
(DH: Hahaha, what was Himchan Hyung supposed to do!?)
YJ: I’m gonna start, ok?
(ZL: *tries to say something to DH*)
(DH: Watch your own monitor! *pokes ZL*)
(ZL: *Afraid of DH tickling him* I’m sorry.)
YJ: This is embarrassing. Zoom zoom zoom *Started doing the hand gestures of Naruto*
(DH: Hahahaha *laugh loudly*)
YJ: 影分身の術 Shadow Clone!! *B.A.P behind him spread out*
(DH: Hahahaha *laugh loudly* What the heck were we doing!!?)
(YJ: *laughing exaggeratedly*)
(DH: Ah… this is what it looks like.)
(YJ: It’s interesting.)
(DH: When we did that, we didn’t know it’s interesting, we know it now when we watch it again.)
HC: You’re amazing! *to YJ*
(YJ: I’m a ninja)
HC: So, who’s next?? It’s Jongup San!
(YJ: Ah…it’s that one…Attack On Titans)
(DH: Ahahahah! I remember now!)
JU: I’m going to do Attack On Titans.
HC: Attack On Titans?? Really?
JU: Yes, it’s true.*Speaks in Japanese politely*
(YJ: *Imitates JU hilariously* It’s true!)
HC: Ready….
JU: *Starts to run like the Titan*
(Everyone: Lol)
(DH: Similar! Similar!)
YJ: Wooooooo
JU: *Runs back to the main stage*
(DH: He looks a bit dumb.)
(YJ: It’s cute! It’s cute!)
YJ: That’s great!!
(ZL: It’s interesting.)
(YJ: It’s interesting.)
(JU: *Clapping for himself*)
HC: Once again?
YJ: Guys, do it once again?
YG: Once again.
DH: No way! *Shake his head*
YJ: Starting from Jongup San *pulls Zelo to join too*
(HC: Jongup, how did you feel at that moment?)
(JU: I worked very hard to show the detail parts of the Titan.)
HC: Ready……
JU & ZL: *Start imitating the Titans*
(DH & YJ: Hahahaha.)
(HC: Junhong ah…)
(DH: Why did Junhong run in that way? Hahaha.)
ZL: *Picks up an imaginary human and eats him like a Titan*
(YJ: He ate someone.)
YG: *Runs towards JU & ZL to join them*
(DH: Hahaha…There were 3 of them!)
(YG: Hahahaha)
(ZL: Why did we come out to do this?)
(JU: I don’t know…Who started this?)
(YG: My mouth looks like the Titan’s mouth in Attack on Titans.)
HC: The next one is… Daehyun San…
(DH: Himchan Hyung, don’t do this next time [he means calling him out])
HC: You don’t have anything to show?
DH: No, I don’t have.
HC: Daehyun please show us!!
(DH: What did I do?)
(YJ: I don’t remember.)
YJ: Do you guys wanna see Daehyun San’s imitation?
HC: Wanna watch! Wanna watch! *Tries to provoke the crowd with a flat tone*
(DH: Himchan Hyung, you are so lack of emotion!)
(HC: Hahaha… Is there any way to stop Daehyun from blabbering? This kid talks too much.)
HC: Ah! Kiyomi!
DH: I…*Tries to stop HC*
(YG: Hahahaha)
(HC: He hesitated!! Please tell us your feelings at that moment.)
(DH: How I felt? I was really hesitating.)
(YJ: You can see how excited everyone was.)
(DH: What did I do?)
(YJ: You showed your ageyo.)
(DH: No!! I can’t!!)
HC: Since you’re handsome, you can do this!
YJ: We haven’t seen this from you yet.
(ZL: You finally did that.)
DH: Everyone? Shu…*silents everyone*…”Iya da!” [I hate it!]
(DH: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh*Screams*)
(ZL: What does “Iya da” means?)
(YG: What does “Iya da” means?)
(HC: That means “I hate it”.)
(ZL: Ugh? *missed the answer*)
(JU: That means “I hate it”…Iya da! *imitates DH’s tone*)
DH: *Being forced, started doing Kiyomi*
(YJ: He was speechless.)
(DH: Please cut this part out. Please cut it.)
(HC & YG: hahahahaha)
(YJ: Daehyun San! *patting DH*)
(DH: *Knows YJ is going to imitate him* You’re so noisy! Stop it!)
(YJ: *Use Jokomato to cover his face, high pitch* Iya da!!!)
(DH: Starts hitting Jokomato with Kekemato)
(YJ: *high pitch again* Iya da!!)
HC: Shall we move on?
(DH: Why did you leave this awkward atmosphere behind and move on?)
(HC: We still have something to do…From now on, this was something we have prepared…)
(DH: Did I do that?)
(HC: This was something we had already prepared.)
(DH: Then why did I have to do that? [he means his unprepared Kiyomi])
(YJ: This is really not interesting.)
(DH: We were doing this for our Fans’ happiness.)
(JU: We really need to practice this.)
(DH: *pokes YJ’s nose with Kekemato’s ear*)
(YJ: *tries to catch Kekemato’s ear)
(DH: Hahahaha)
(HC: What did I do?)
(DH: You stretched your jaw though hahaha.)
YJ: Kim Himchan! Kim Himchan! *provokes the crowd*
(DH: Now you know my feelings.[he means HC])
(YJ: At that time, Himchan Hyung told me something.)
(DH: He told you to do this? [he means provoking the crowd] hahaha.)
(YJ: No.)
DH: Do something sexy!
YJ: Daehyun San! What did you want him to do? Sexy dance?
DH: Se~xy~ dance? Ah! Not dance, sexy pose!
(HC: I did a pose.)
YJ: Sexy pose.
HC: *Awkward*
(YG: Hahaha!!! He hesitated.)
DH: Show us! Show us! *provoking the crowd again*
(DH: What did I say?)
(ZL: I didn’t remember. What did you say?)
DH: Ready…
HC: *Did a sexy pose*
(DH: He showed some skin.)
(HC: Before the concert started, we had decided to do everything.)
(ZL: Something like Jazz dance.)
(HC: Thank you Zelo.)
(ZL: You look good, Hyung.)
DH: What about Youngjae San? Youngjae San? *Skipped JU and walked towards YJ to grab his wrist*
YJ: We don’t have enough time! We don’t have enough time!
HC: We don’t have much time left.
DH: We have time don’t we? *looks disappointed because he failed to get YJ involve*
(ZL: Daehyun Hyung you kept on blocking Jongup Hyung. [DH was in front of JU when he is grabbing YJ])