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Different but the same.

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BTS AU (werewolf)

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A/N. You guys I am really sorry about the late update of this Au, my finals have started and I had to study.Well the thing is they haven’t ended ,but I will be able to find more time.I am also starting a new werewolf Au for another member. Sorry for any mistakes made and I hope you like it.Requests are open.😁

Word count:  2,373

Warnings: Swearing from time to time

Since you met Jimin, mornings and nights were the best times. You would wake up in his arms and you knew that there was no one that was able to pull you away from him. Your eyes slowly fluttered open and almost immediately you felt his smooth skin.

Looking up, you noticed that he had been already awake. Turning your body, you smiled.

“Morning sleepy head.” he said with a loving voice

“Is ‘cute Jimin’ here this morning?” you asked him playfully

“It’s too early for ‘flirty Jimin’ to wake up, so I am here until he does.” He tried to pull you even closer to his body

“You are like a baby.”you reached out ,pinching his cheek

“I will show you who’s cute!”he lifted the blanket and went under it

“Jimin?What are you…-ahahah!”

 Before you were able to finish your sentence, Jimin started tickling you in different places. Your laughter was echoing from the room, down to the kitchen and living room. A sweet voice that sounded like bells.

After a strong tickle attack, Jimin hugged your waist and leaned his head onto your belly. You pulled the blanket down a bit ,because you were worried he might not be able to get enough air.

“Get up here.”you said ,but he didn’t

“No.” even though you couldn’t see his face, you could feel him pouting

“Why are you acting like a child.” You smiled a bit, because no matter how he acted he still was adorable

“Don’t lie, you like it.”

“Who told you I do?” he was right, but you didn’t want to admit it even though you were smiling widely

“Oh really?” Jimin grabbed the bottom part of your shirt and pulled it up, blowing air on your belly

 His sudden ‘attack’ made you start giggling. You tried to push him away, or make him stop because you couldn’t take it anymore, but he didn’t. The second idea you had was to run away, but once you tried it, you found out that he was holding you really tightly. There was no way of escape for you.

“Yah!..ahahaha i-I told you to hahahaha s-top ahahah!”you were squirming. After sometime Jimin stopped and you were finally able to take a breath.  

“Jimin?” he didn’t come up at all, so you decided to lift the covers and check what he was doing under there

Once the light hit the world under the blanket,  you saw Jimin looking at you. He stood up and pulled the covers off the bed.

“What are you doing?”you asked him

Jimin quickly turned the cloth in his hands into a prison for you. He was able to cover you completely with it, before you even noticed.

“Jimin!”you yelped when he pulled you up in the air , placing you on his lap as he sat back down on the bed

“Good morning princess.”he grinned at you, his eyes looking as he did the night you met

“I see ‘ cute Jimin ‘went to sleep.”

“He did. Say hello to ‘ flirty Jimin ‘, he is going to be here the whole day.”he leaned towards you, kissing your lips and going down your neck. You immediately understood what he was starting and tried wiggling out of the blanket, which proved to be impossible.

“No, wait. Jimin it’s still morning.” You felt his lips leaving your skin and you looked back at him

 His serious look disappeared and a loud laugh escaped his lips. You were dumbfounded at first and were just looking at him without talking. 

“You should have seen the look on your face.”he wiped away a tear that had formed onto his eye “Don’t worry ‘ flirty Jimin ‘is still half awake.”

He placed you on the bed and you finally escaped the blanket. You were ready to start the day, but Jimin plopped back on the bed. Grabbing his arm ,you pulled him up.

“Come onnnn ! Jiminnnn! Get up!” he opened one of his eyes and looked at you

“I want pancakes…”he whispered

“What?…Fine” you sighed and agreed to his demand

“Yes!” he stood up again, this time full of energy and picked you up ,running to the bathroom

 He placed you gently down and passed you your toothbrush. Placing toothpaste on it, you proceed with washing your teeth with him. Jimin waited for you to finish rinsing, before he did.

You tied up your hair and pulled out a face wash, applying a generous amount on your hands and then on your face. The cool water was good at helping you fully wake up. After you removed the towel off your face you looked at Jimin, who was reaching for his shaving cream.

You placed your hand onto his cheek, running it down to his chin.

“It grew so much in one night.”you were amazed

“I am a man after all jagya.” He pulled your hand down, kissing it on its way “Let’s not forget a werewolf as well.”

He didn’t let go of your hand immediately. While your arm was still in his grasp, he pulled you a bit towards himself and started kissing you.

“You are scratching me!”you giggled out

“I told you that I was a man jagya.”he repeated himself

You were able to pull back and continued getting ready for the day. While brushing your hair, Jimin noticed you were looking at him.

“Are you missing my kisses jagya?”he asked playfully

“Maybe…”you looked in another direction

“Come here then.”he opened his arms waiting for you

“Wash your face first.”you tried to run away ,but Jimin closed the door that was behind you

“Nowhere to run.” He smiled

 His strong arms pulled you closer ,until his face touched yours. Jimin moved his head up and down your skin, smearing shaving cream on your cheeks in the process.

“Stop it.”you giggled again

“Almost…there we go.”he pulled away to look at his masterpiece “If my art teacher was here ,she would have graded this with an A+. What do you think?”he smiled at you

You pouted, wiping some of the shaving cream off your cheek and placing it on his nose. You washed your face again.

“I am going downstairs to make breakfast.” You walked out of the bathroom and to the kitchen

 It didn’t take you a long time to finish all of them. Placing the two plates on the table ,you pulled out some juice from the fridge.

You were done with the cooking, so you decided to go check on Jimin. You were wondering why he took so long. Walking in the bathroom you saw him half naked with a towel on his lower body.

“Yah!”you screamed out in shock and covered your eyes. “Why aren’t you dressed yet? And why haven’t you shaved as well?”

“Well I was, but I wanted you to do it.” You heard him walking towards you

“What?” while you were asking the question, Jimin picked you up, placing you to sit on the sink’s table top.

He passed you the shaving cream. “Come on jagya. I want to eat your pancakes before they get cold.”he smiled at you

Your hands made contact with his skin fast, spreading the shaving cream around. After his whole beard was covered in a white color, you washed your hands and picked up the razor. Your hands were trembling a bit.

“Jimin…I am scared that I will cut you.”you said

“I believe in you jagya. “ he closed his eyes ,showing you that he really meant what he said

“Are you sure?”you weren’t too confidant

“Mhm.”he nodded and walked closer to you

 The razor in your hand made touched is skin and you carefully slid it down. A bit slow ,but you were able to get every inch of his face. After rinsing his cheeks, Jimin passed you a towel.

“What is this for?”you asked him

“Dry my hair.”he grinned at you like a child

“You can do that yourself.”you said

“Yeah, but you are already here…so.”

 You sighed and placed the towel onto his hair, drying it for him. You were really concentrating on your work , when he whined.

“Jagya come on, I am hungry.”

“You could have been done by now.”

 Jimin jumped and the towel fell on the ground. Both of you looked at it and then back at each other.

“Now we can’t use it anymore.” you were about to get down from the sink, when Jimin rubbed his hair in your body “Stop it!”

The way he was moving his head was tickling you once more. After he pulled away his hair was perfect dry, but your shirt wasn’t.

“Happy? Now my clothing is wet.”

 You walked in the bedroom and Jimin changed his clothes, giving you his shirt.

“Put this on.”

 You did as he said and ran down stairs while he was still getting dressed to check the condition of the pancakes. Luckily for you, they were still nice and warm.

Jimin sat down on the table and looked at you. His eyes were inspecting every part of your body. Every curve you had, from your legs to your hips.

“I like this.”he said

“What?”you asked ,walking towards the table

“I should give you my clothes more often you know.”he smiled at you

 His words made you bush in more than one ways “Just eat your breakfast.”

 After taking the first bite, Jimin’s face sparkled with delight. He was amazed by the cooking skills you had , even if these were just pancakes. He was just like a child. You were occasionally cleaning his cheek as well.

He enjoyed the breakfast as much as he could. Placing the last plate in the sink, you got ready to wash them. The moment the dish soap made contact with the plates, your body felt someone hug it. Turning your head a bit to look, you saw Jimin.

“What are you doing?”you asked, with a giggle escaping your lips

“I thought you might get lonely…so I came here.”he said cutely “Unless you want me to go…”he pulled back a bit

You wrapped his arms around your waist and continued washing “Nope, I like you being here.”

 His lips formed a big smile and his head leaned onto your shoulder. It was like you were a big family, well not that big. You were only two people in one house, but you were thinking of adding more soon.

It felt nice being with him, it was like the whole world wanted to keep you together and that made you happy. Even if you were away from your parents and missed them, Jimin was able to take those feeling away and give you new once, like love, happiness, excitement even embarrassment when he acted strange around you.

“We should get dressed.” You ran upstairs and changed your clothes fast

 Before you knew it Jimin was done and waiting for you in the living room. Hand in hand you opened the door . It was another nice day as always, but it was getting colder.

“It’s cold today.”you said                                                                    

“It’s winter what do you expect?”he smiled pulling you in his embrace to warm you up “Can you believe it, just yesterday you wearing shorts.”he laughed out and you lightly hit his chest

“Don’t make fun of me.”you pouted “I am a werewolf. You know better that anyone that we don’t feel the cold as humans do.”

“Yeah, I do. But once it starts snowing, the story changes.”Jimin looked up “And it will be very soon.”

“You might be right.”you said before noticing everyone in the distance “Hey guys!”

 You let go of Jimin and ran over to them, looking at Jungkook.

“Are you ok?”you asked him

“I am, thanks to you.Are you?”he looked around to see if you had marks on your body

“I am fine, don’t worry.”you smiled

“By ‘fine’ she means she couldn’t walk for 2 days.”Jimin added

“What do you mean 2 days?”Ho Sook asked

“That is what I want to know too.”

“Yoongi hyung don’t talk like that.”said Taehyung and Yoongi looked at everyone

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Wait if you didn’t…then who did?”Soo Yun looked around with everyone

“I did.”

 Behind you guys was standing a strong looking man with short brown hair and dark eyes. He looked a bit angry. His eyes were staring right at you and Jimin noticed that. The man took a couple of steps closer ,before Jimin pulled you behind him, holding you with one of his hands.

“Who are you and the fuck do you want from my mate?”he hissed ,eyes starting to glow

“Mate?”the man asked shocked “Anyways…”he sighed and continued to talk to you “Come here right now.”he demanded and Jimin’s grip on you tightened

“Don’t worry Y/N, I will protect you no matter what.”he was determined to keep you safe, but that wasn’t what was going on

Jimin felt a light breeze and turned his head to see that you weren’t behind him anymore. He panicked and started looking around, before seeing you in front of the man.

“Y/N!”he yelled out and ran towards you, ready to attack the man

 He tried a couple of hits but missed, no matter how fast he was moving.

“Jimin stop!”you yelled out and he froze

 Looking at the man, you gave him your hand and he looked closer. The atmosphere was tense and you could feel it. After the man let go of your hand, he sighed and lifted his arm in the air.Jimin was ready to kill if he tried to hit you.

“How many times have I told you to listen to me young lady?” he rubbed his palm on your head, messing up your hair a bit and laughed out

“What is going on here?”Jimin was amazed and shocked at the same time

“Guys.” you turned to face everyone “Let me introduce you to my grandfather.”

“Nice to meet you, names –“

 His introduction was cut off by everyone as they yelled out “ARDAS!”

“Well, they seem to know me already.”he laughed out rubbing the back of his head

“They do.”you smiled

 You were happy you got to see your grandfather again after all this time, but why was he here now?