hahahaha this will be so funny

Not only do Isak and Even own The Chair™ but also The Drawer™. Just a drawer where they shoved everything they didn’t know where else to put. Bills, birthday cards, coupons for the locan burger place, a few coins of spare change, weed and so on and so on. 

The latter was the reason the boys and Isak were rummaging through that chaotic little flat right now. Because Isak could have sworn they still had a joint laying around somewhere. Even was off working at KB and Magnus and Mahdi came over to play fifa and smoke (they were simple to please). 

“Look in there.” Isak instructed Mags as he looked into their nightstand (because yeah… not letting the boys near that one). After Mags opened it Isak heard him make a disbelieving sound. 

“Hva faen? You guys have been living here what, two months? How can you be this messy?” Mags started to shovel things at Mahdi. “Shut up! You’re messy.” Ok, this was admittedly a weak return because the boys all knew Mags’ place was the neatest anyone had ever seen. 

“What’s this?” Came Mahdi’s intrigued voice from behind Isak who looked over his shoulder as he was on the way to check under the bed. Mahdi was holding a thin, dark blue book. “Oh, that’s Even’s sketchbook.”

Mahdi loaded what he was holding onto the tablet he was standing beside and started to flip through the pages. Isak had a little smile on his face thinking of Even’s little doodles that were in there while he looked around the room to find a spot he could search in next. Every few pages there were life-like looking drawings that bled Isak’s mind because they looked so real, but mostly Even didn’t have the patience for those.

“What the fuck?!” At Mahdi’s exclamation Isak’s head whipped around because as it happens, he had just remembered one real life-looking drawing of himself. One real life-looking drawing of himself, naked.

Isak scurried over to the other two boys (which didn’t take long, considering the flat was small and his legs long).

To Isak’s relief Mahdi, and now Magnus too over Mahdi’s shoulder, weren’t looking at his naked glory but at a life-looking drawing of Mahdi himself. Mahdi with a huge open grin on his face. Isak remembered telling Even wow, I can hear his laugh when I look at this.

“What! Even drew you? What the fuck, it looks so good, man!” Magnus craned his neck to look closer at the pencil drawing. “Yeah.” Was Mahdi’s breathless and stunned reply. Isak grinned. His chest filled with secondary pride. Yes, his perfect, hot, cooking, funny, caring and sunny boyfriend was also freaking talented.

“There’s also one of you, Mags.” Isak said and nudged Mags, because people gushing over Even? Sign him the fuck up.

So, they ended up going through the sketchbook (after Isak had made sure that that drawing wasn’t in there anymore and Even had put it in a safe place as promised) and Mags lost it for a good twenty minutes when they came across his.

When Even came back from his shift Mags hugged him (for too long, if you ask Isak) and Mahdi clapped his back enthusiastically, both at the boys grinning widely at a confused Even.

Even said they could keep them and as soon as the boys went home, both of them sent a photo of them drawings on the closet door in Mahdi’s room and on a pin board over Magnus’ desk.

Which of course let Jonas, who had been on a date with Eva, to reply:

Jonas: ???

Magnus: EVEN DREW US!!!

Ja! Even my man, thanks again.
Looks so incredible

Jonas: What?
Did he have enough of Isak’s face?

Isak: -_-

Mahdi: that boy is too ugly to draw

Isak: 🖕

Even: ooohhh
you should see some of those drawings I did of Isak……….

Jonas: 😏 😏

Mahdi: 😏 😏

Magnus: 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏

Isak: 🖕 -_- 🖕

Even: bby :(((((

Isak: the fingers were for the others

Even: <3

Isak: <3


Mahdi: aren’t you in the same room?

Jonas: dorks
but so …. Even
you drew Mahdi and Mags, ja?
thanks for the love

Even: haha
I drew you too!
[pic of the drawing of Jonas]

Jonas: woah


Mahdi: right?
mad talented

Jonas: wooooahhhhhh
Even <3 <3

Even: <3

Isak: stop sending Even hearts

Jonas: shut up, Issy
im his muse
I can send him hearts

Even: hahaha
my dear muse, you can have your drawing too
if you want to

Jonas: FOR REAL??

Mahdi: I have never seen J use capslock

Isak: that’s bc he’s against CAPITALISATION hah

Magnus: 🙄

oh boy
that was weak

Isak: WHAT! That was fucking brilliant

Even: hahahaha
I get it

Mahdi: we all get it
it’s just not funny

Even just thinks its funny bc hes so whipped


keeping the drawing

Jonas: noooooooo

I’ve been reading too much Mob Psycho 100

Buckle up buttercups because here is a 100% true story of what just happened to me today.

I’m out running errands, it’s hot and humid, I’m wearing minimal make-up and boring clothes. For some reason everywhere I went men asked if I was single, complemented me, asked if I work out (hahahaha ha), it was weird, this almost never happens and it was just nonstop. So naturally I’m feeling myself and laughing as i’m thinking about this:

But this isn’t the best part.  As I’m laughing about this and driving home thinking about how I’m going to post this moderately funny thought on Tumblr I GET HIT BY A FUCKING CAR. Hit. By. A. Car. I shit you not.

Poor sweet Mob, I identify with you even more now.

Hahahaha omg it’s so funny wow it’s hilarious that an 11year old boy thought someone had actually gone through and killed his father after thousands and thousands of threats on his life, threats to his family, and his home!!!  lmao Barron btfo ahahhaaha let’s make some more fun of a child who has no choice who his parents are and no control over his father’s words or actions lmaooo!!!


THIS WAS SO FUNNy. Way funnier than I thought it would be.

“widowmaker, give us a strategy”
“Um. Baguettes.”

“He used to tease me for 46 shots, 1 kill”

“Come on Boys! Make Mommy proud”!

For the Mother Day, Bud and Lou takes their mum on tour! (In France, it’s today)

I should totally work on my school diploma, but I just really needed to animate some cute Harley Quinn!

Btw, I just download a new tumblr functionality who helps me to see the tags that you guys put on my work, and I never realized  how many cute messages were hidden there! So much love and funny jokes that I can see now! <3