hahahaha this interview

“I guess I can be a pain in the butt. I have suggestions like an annoying actor and I have questions. I’ve just sensed this last season that this is their baby: ‘Just say the words as they’re written, and shut up.’ Which is absolutely fine. I respect that! And obviously, what they write is not bad, it’s really good. It was a very significant shift.” - Nikolaj Coster Waldau [x]

All I see when I read this is:

NCW before the scripts were released

NCW after reading the first few episode scripts

NCW making a suggestion

NCW getting shot down

NCW during promo season not giving a fuck anymore


Game of Thrones: The Road Ahead for Jorah Mormont

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This discussion on Alex's height reminded me of that adorable 2007 interview in which he was asked if he was a sure kid and he didn't understand and said that he had always been quite short hahahaha his cutest interview ever, by the way

I love this interview!!! He’s so adorable when he does the gesture to show how short he was.


This is one of my favourite interviews, watch it if you haven’t!