hahahaha show why do you hate me

chronicopheliac  asked:

#22 for Hannibal: popular character you hate 8D

Why you little shit stirrer! Hahahaha! Just kidding, you know I love you. <333

Okay, let’s be real here. I do not like Alana. Compared to every other woman on the show (all of which are amazing) I think she’s a snoooooze sandwichhh… 

Whoa! I almost fell asleep writing about her. 😴😴

Give me a Freddie, Margot, Chiyoh, Bev or Abigail any day. Alana? No gracias.

At the barn on my period part 2...
  • Me: You know, running away from me when we have a lesson to go to makes my life SO MUCH EASIER.
  • Me: Why the fuck is your stall such a mess?
  • Me: The way you're shedding right now, fucker, you better be the dappliest piece of shit in that whole paddock.
  • Me: Why won't you listen to me, pony?
  • Me: Get that out of your mouth, dumbass.
  • Me: Look, you made me late.
  • Me: Ah, fuck me, that was my fault, I'm sorry pony.
  • Me: You're just a little bitch, aren't you?
  • Me: You're the best pony EVER and I don't deserve you.
  • Me: Did I just pick up the wrong lead AGAIN? Why am I even allowed to TOUCH a saddle?
  • Me: I resent you right now. Stupid horse.
  • Me: Why do I have to keep feeding you?
  • Me: Well, my lesson was shit, my eq is shit, I can't do SHIT, my horse hates me and I have cramps. Excuse me while I go cry in the tack room.
  • Me: I'm going home and I'm taking my pony with me.