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I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

Wish (Part 1)

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Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!!
Summary: Howl’s Moving Castle AU,  in which Kageyama makes a wish upon a falling star, and gets Hinata instead.

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i’ve got a great idea for a (HAPPY!!!!) edit but i want to wait until i get my bd so i can use the Pretty scenes but at the same time i want to do it RIGHT NOW

the struggle is real

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Silly idea I had at work: One night right when things are starting to get steamy, Phichit asks Yuuri to talk dirty to him in Japanese. At first, Phichit thinks it's really hot. Yuuri's voice is smoother in Japanese, his tone low and seductive. That is, until he recognizes a word: pork. Turns out Yuuri panicked a bit about what to say and started describing how to make katsudon. Eros indeed.

hahahaha this reminded me of one of those posts thats like, cute things to call your SO: honey, sugar, flour, baking soda, dash of salt, preheat oven to 375

honestly this is absolutely what would happen the first time phichit asks yuuri to talk dirty to him in japanese. he wouldn’t know what to say in any language, so he just starts spewing out nonsense in a seductive voice

Jumin’s Revenge

A/N: Promised this fic for 1050 followers~ So YEAH thanks for 1050 followers guys, thanks for 1180 followers (in the meantime xD), happy new year (first fic of the year omfg), I love Mystic Messenger (and Jumin Han<3), I LOVE you guys: these are enough random reasons and excuses to be posting this monster-fic. 

Read at own risk and waste of time omg lol I’m so sorry XD  [Special thnx to @ticklygiggles for inspiring me as always, giving ideas and proofreading]

Summary:  Sequel to [Jumin’s Punishment] He’s smart, he’s cunning, he’s Jumin Han with a vengeful mission: to avenge his dignity and hunt down each of those little brats who thought luring him into a trap and tickling him to death was fun. Ha, they should see he is not one to mess with. 

This fic is divided in little chapters for each character, switching POV’s. Spoilers: Jumin is a fucking serial tickle monster, Jaehee is fucked, Yoosung is a naive little shit, Zen is gonna die and Seven is too dense. Oh boy. Enjoy x’D 

Word Count: 7240 -personal record /)////(\

[Jumin - 9AM]

“Dohon’t you dare Yooho-Yoosung! Aaahahaha nohooo!” Jumin flinched when the horrifying sound of his own laughter sounded through the office as he had made the horrible mistake of opening a sound file Yoosung shared in the RFA chat.

His heart was racing and he felt his face and body burn because of the embarrassment. Fucking great. 

A week had already passed since his horrible encounter with those evil guys, but to him and apparently to those guys too, it seemed as if it had just been yesterday. Jumin quickly took a glance at Jaehee who obviously heard the sound file, but a pokerface remained on her face (though Jumin could swear he could see the corners of her lips twitch involuntarily). 

Neither he nor Jaehee had spoken a single word about it, even now after hearing that awful sound file there was this awkward silence. It was just the guys haunting him with the memory of the embarrassing incident. 

The video recording that was left was probably Jumin’s biggest nightmare. It’s not that they used it to make this humiliating incident public, they wouldn’t dare… (though they did use it as a threat every now and then). No, right now they used it for other things.

Seven had used various clips of it to make GIFs to share in the chatroom, Zen wouldn’t stop making stupid jokes about it and Yoosung liked to use the video to make screenshots–

Yoosung shared an audio file.

Yoosung: Everyone share your favorite sound files of Jumin ticklish Han right now!”

-or audio files. Jumin stared at the chat, and he clenched his phone in his hand. Entering the RFA chat had become a pain, a torture. This seriously had to stop

He cracked his knuckles and glared at the chat screen. Yes, he was going to make sure to pay them back for this. All of them. Today.

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☑ ☑ I am greedy so can I get TWO

OKAY. part two.

I think you already know I’m a fool for Otte and Hotsu… I also think Neyha’li is such a coolface. In general, I love how distinct your characters are from each other so it’s really difficult for me to pinpoint ONE thing.

Otte: I suppose I really love that he sticks to his guns. He believes strongly in his own values, and while he largely acts the neutral party, he is so opinionated. Despite his dedication to his crafts (and I assume routine, in reference to work and just general daily stuff, but correct me if I’m wrong!), he finds (or makes?) time to indulge himself in his own interests. He does him!

Hotsu: Hotsu is pretty, okay. I know this is shallow, but I’ve never seen an au ra like her and she is pretty.

[ For every ☑ I get I will say one thing I really like about your muse. ]


you gotta speak up, you got to shout out. and you know that right here, right now, you can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you want to be … little me.

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Character: Kimizuki!

thank you!!

//someone didn’t forget about my giant pink teddy bear T^T//


My NOTP for them 

none…? Kimi is pretty shippable with anyone XD

My BROTP for them




My OTP for them 


My second choice pairing for them 


My fluffy pairing for them


My angsty pairing for them 


My favorite poly ship for them



My weirdest pairing for them

KimiNaru XD

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Hi! I noticed you like Ginzura and I was curious, what do you like so much about this ship??

oh my gosh… this is the greatest message i have ever received i am so excited HAHAHA i love ginzura so much it’s not even funny it’s actually truly sad how obsessed i am with this ship. honestly, i love all the joui ships (ginzura, takazura, gintaka, gin saka, sakazura) but ginzura sticks out to me just because it’s the longest and most constant relationship that gintoki has, and the love between them is really clear to me?? like from the time they’re kids to now… the familiarity they have with each other and the way that they care about each other.. like man i don’t wanna say any manga spoilers just in case but especially in the past few chapters like.. zura knows what gin has put himself through and chooses to care about him and consider his feelings all the time. AND LIKE!!! zura was in the same place as takasugi after the war, but instead of choosing hate he chose to live life and protect those precious to him after seeing how gintoki does it… ; n ; “when i see him living how he does, how could i not?” or whatever he says in the benizakura arc AHHHH like he just respects gin so much and looks up to him and it’s my headcanon that he and gin always had each other through the war and zura reminds gin to forgive himself for the things that gin probably still feels guilty for AND AND zura never makes gin feel guilty about anything and he always wants to be in his life and be his friend and yeah basically….. they just love each other a lot and it’s so canon to me like.. they’re gonna grow old together and bicker and be stupid and be in love and i’m a gay for these gays!!!! oH AND ALSO i feel like zura and gin really understand each other like “zura would never be taken down by you” “zura would love to see this” “i am familiar with zura’s personality i’ll do it” “i know what you’re into, since we were kids you were always into married women” “gintoki always used tactics like this” BLAH YOU KNOW??!!? so much familiarity it makes me happy……….i could honestly talk about this ship forever they make me so happy



This was funnier in my head I don’t know what happened 

While watching the ep “Hunteri heroici” it occurred to me that if Cas ever tried to dress like a Winchester Hunter, he would just staaare intensely at Sam and Dean and conclude that he needs more flannel and “layers” to be accepted like one of them

…and then he would not care about the colors just go grab whatever