hahahaha it's 2 am

accidental kiss :))

okay but imagine kageyama and hinata having an argument during practice and they’re both yelling in each other’s faces. suddenly someone (it was totally tsukki) accidentally spikes a ball to the back of kageyama’s head. kageyama’s head moves forward and his lips smacks against hinata’s cheek. and it hurts but all kageyama can really think of is “was that a kiss???” and even though it was only a cheek kiss they’re both

joyeux anniversaire, mon amie!!!!!!!1! sorry for posting this late, i was trying to make it look perfect (though i didn’t succeed oops sorry). of course, the perfect gift would be gaspard himself but that would require breaking a few laws and i’m not ready to do that yet. anyway, I HOPE YOU HAD LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN and got a sufficient amount of gaspard!!!!!!! you’re super inspiring and really fun to talk to and let’s face it, your graphics are amazing. like, really amazing. give me your talent. just kidding, i won’t ask for anything since IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY SO ONCE AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! JE T'AIME <33