hahahaha it's 2 am


ST APPRECIATION MONTH | DAY 5: season 2 - favorite scene
                                               – El’s Return

((svt be dropping some bomb tracks but not gonna let us download it ;;))

- Admin Leen

joyeux anniversaire, mon amie!!!!!!!1! sorry for posting this late, i was trying to make it look perfect (though i didn’t succeed oops sorry). of course, the perfect gift would be gaspard himself but that would require breaking a few laws and i’m not ready to do that yet. anyway, I HOPE YOU HAD LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN and got a sufficient amount of gaspard!!!!!!! you’re super inspiring and really fun to talk to and let’s face it, your graphics are amazing. like, really amazing. give me your talent. just kidding, i won’t ask for anything since IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY SO ONCE AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! JE T'AIME <33