hahahaha his hair on his face tho

Giddy Rick

I really wanted to get to this one as soon as I was able! Hope you feel better anon <3 

Morty hurtled forward, for a millisecond enveloped by the verdant field of the portal, before entering the familiar space of the garage. Water spilled in after Summer fell through the portal, briefly, until it closed.

Rick, sitting where he was dumped on the floor, blinked into space.

“H-holy shit R-Rick!” Morty panted, placing hands on his knees.

His grandpa leaped up with renewed vigor, shaking flecks of water from his damp hair. “Hahahaha, y-yes! We-we EURGH did iiit!” He started dancing, despite there not being any music to accompany them. 

“Haha, yeah!” Summer joined in, wiping hair out of her face.

“W-we beat tho-those fuckers! Haha not today! Hooh…” Rick caught his breath, feeling the greatest high of adrenaline and pure success that he thought he could feel. Damn, this even felt better than the time he defeated those googas…

“Grandpa Rick, what are me gonna do with all of this treasure?!”

“Y-yeah, Rick what- I mean, t-t-think off all the stuff we could buy with it!”  

“R-right now I don’t give a fuuuck!” Rick declared, throwing the treasure chest (despite its weight) idly and carelessly into a corner filed with junk, having gathered a few select expensive items from the contents, “K-kids, get- go get dressed, cause we’re gonna go out and-and celebrate! I-ice cream, blips and chitz, a-a-a holiday, doesn’t matter!” 

“Alriiight!” The kids chimed in, high fiving, before bustling excitedly into the house, calling their mom to tell her the news.

“I love my grandkids.” Rick smiled.