That’s the benefit of having “tall” friends :D .. Dongwan flew on stage until he landed safely on the other side thanks to his caring mates, the Birds xD
#Friendship goals
(fc © on junjinside)


guess who’s running to watch Gallant’s performance

Ballet au inspired by all the fics I’ve read (mostly pick lilacs for the passing time by astralelegies on ao3 bc Yuuri en pointe. Yuuri. En pointe. Also, danseur!Victor.)

Outfits… Unintentionally inspired by @beanpots‘ lovely day and night au. Like, go. Check it out. It’s great.

Big thank you to @cookiecreation for putting up with me spamming her with my wips for this and every other art I’ve drawn since ever. Thanks, friend!


A single mother has a backbone made of STEEL, and a heart of GOLD.