Florence and the Machine 2007 - Florence Welch with a drum

Florence and the Machine 2015 - A huge ass drumkit and a smaller drumkit, a guitar (electronic and acoustic), a bass, a keyboard, an e-piano, a harp (that is controlled with a laptop), all sort of percussions, background singers and…..a brass section…oh and Florence still has a drum.


im sO DONE


Here’s what I have of Malachite so far!

The wig still needs more styling, and I think I might remake the gem out of latex like the secondary eyes are going to be, so making expressions will be a little easier?? idk the paint is pretty inflexible already, so it might not even matter haha

I’m working on the rigging for the hind and forelegs, but it’s pretty weird??  So it might be a while until anything comes of it hahaha god do i wanna be a giant  l e g s w o m a n