Florence and the Machine 2007 - Florence Welch with a drum

Florence and the Machine 2015 - A huge ass drumkit and a smaller drumkit, a guitar (electronic and acoustic), a bass, a keyboard, an e-piano, a harp (that is controlled with a laptop), all sort of percussions, background singers and…..a brass section…oh and Florence still has a drum.

Dare | Wes

Candy walked over to Wes, “Alright… I really hope you wash your feet” Sighing softly she took his shoe and sock off and gagged slightly before licking his big toe.

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And talking about douchebags, I'm still trying to decide whether Lara or Kurtis were bigger arseholes. They deserve each other, nevertheless, hehehe

I think Kurtis is playing the hero to get the girl. Like “Lara you go I’ll handle Boaz!” or “Lara plz the Proto I got this”
Meanwhile Lara is just being… Lara. She doesn’t need to make an extra effort for that.

I think they are even. So.

I always wanted to use that gif.