hahahah this pic is so what

rating keith’s smile out of 10

every time i see keith smile i gain 10 years of life so im here today to rate some pics of keef to calm by beating heart 

the shit eating grin 12/10, the type of smile that says “ur daughter calls me daddy too” and i love it

the “i got back ur lion notice me senpai” smirk: 15/10   the teasing remark?? the teasing smirk?? this whole scene clears my skin

the “im completely and utterly in love” smile: 100/10   do i need to explain???? look at the softness……the fondness…… and who is it directed at??? uuuhh yeah ur boy lance dont tell me klance is dead u coward

hooo boy another soft smile like look at that!!!!!! hes so in love and im in love and my crops are flourishing, a solid 200/10 

the famous “we make a good team” smile, very gay scene but personally not my favorite smile but yall would have attacked me if i didnt include it , 11/10

just fuck me in the ass smile, 80/10 very Nice

the “heh like that” smile UUUUHHMMMM 500/10 LOOK AT THIS…….. aesthetic backgroun? yes. great quote? yes. smile directed at lance once again? y e s. 

angsty season 3 keith smiling at l a n c e , 350/10 let him be happy dreamworks let!!!! him!!!!!! be!!!!!1 happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

look at that smile!!!!! the “we’re still just kids even tho were in space on a very important mission” smile 600/10 very pure and im about to cry with love


the soft “my boyfriend is so talented” smile 5000/10 wonderful smile, filled with pride and adoring, another reminder that klance will never die asswipe 

the otome game smile, 800/10 ill leave my heart to this smile if u know what i mean hahahah excellent smile, could cure diseases

GOD TIER/10 ARGUABLY THE BEST SMILE like look at that big grin!!!!!! i bust a nut every time i see that laugh!!!!!!!!! baby boy i love u 

So I made this sign for B.A.P’s concert in Dallas and during the concert while the lights were on the fans I held it up and I kept seeing the members looking my way (they could’ve been looking somewhere else of course) which was funny hahahah. I took it in with me for the photo op after the concert… walked in and wOW THEY ARE EVEN MORE GORGEOUS IN PERSON. The photo op was so much fun and a lot of funny things happen but I won’t put it all here BUT the really funny thing while I was going by them Daehyun started laughing hahahah he was like “Hahhah HA-AHHHH!!! Twitter? Insta… Instagram?” (I had posted this pic on both twitter and instagram while waiting in line for the concert) and I had no idea what he was talking about so I said “Oh I don’t know hahhhaa” and he said “맞는데…” which I believe is “That’s right…” SO HE SAW IT ON MY INSTAGRAM AND/OR TWITTER OHMY GOD WHAT?!?!??! Yeah so that’s the story about the sign! A lot of people really liked it ^_^ I had such an amazing time holy shit even though I’ve been to all three of their concerts in Dallas I still get shocked by how amazingly talented they are :O fun fact: I actually made the edit at 3 am playing around in photoshop…

here’s the link to my tweet: x

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WoAh I just saw a pic of your face and ??? Fy ck you always said you're not pretty but girl that is the most false lie and god I sound kinda fake rn but trust me you are so fucking beautiful. (If you post selfies I am 89% sure I would cry goddanm)

HAHAHAHAHA AWW THANK YOU??? That’s not true though HAHAHAH you’re so sweet!!! 


If you repost PLEASE DO NOT CROP US OUT and please credit back to the blogs. THANK YOU!

DAY 1 Wizard World Austin with @sebstansfan and I:

Includes: me asking my Starbucks question + Photo Op stories + Autograph pics and stories. Guys I had an amazing time and this is how it all went. HAVE FUN READING UNDER THE CUT HEHEEH (¬‿¬)

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h-hello! i was wondering if you've seen this (yet?) and whether you could please tell me the gist of what it says if you want/have the time? thank you. ;-; pic(.)twitter(.)com/3QAXVDkDPg

OH HAHAHAH i just RT’d that a little while ago! 

anyway, the reason why this got posted up was because that’s haru’s segment and literally everything written there is about rin ;///; it’s basically about – oh whatever i was going to post it anyway so i’ll just translate the thing:

Rarely showing his emotions, Haruka lived his life as though it were for the sake of water and water alone. However, ever since Rin showed up, that world of his had changed completely. Despite having felt, at first, things as far as hatred towards Rin – who had forced his way into his heart with no regard – Rin’s attitude towards swimming and the words “I’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before,” moved his heart, and there he learned the joys of swimming with nakama. But, due to a collision with Rin that occured after, he quit his junior high swimming team, and ended up leading an inactive life even as a high schooler. By swimming the relay with his new nakama, however, he was able to remember the joys of swimming with others, and extend his hand out to Rin, who was unable to move forward.  By overcoming both their pasts, he, alongside Rin, was able to grow.

i think the biggest ;_________;-factor here is that last line. the important part is to note that – haru and rin didn’t just grow. they grew WITH EACH OTHER. bc they’re just so crucial to each other’s lives and i just – need to go lie down.