hahahah so good

this is it
this is the whole anime

The Sunflower and Daisy!
They are so cute OMG! I really like the girls design but not so much for the boys though. Also I was a little bit disappointed that they didn’t use the same art style as the previous SoS but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna grow on me. Looked a little bit like Grand Bazaar style though haha.

BTW we finally have an alive and breathing family member and not a dead farmer grandpa LMAO! Anyway I’ve been planning to make a 20th anniv zine for bokumono series, but I wonder if anyone would be interested to buy it though aHAH–;; 



“ dolph z i g g l e r aesthetic

                                     – regrets wait ‘til morning, baby


[FANCAM] 151226 Boys Wish Concert - Friday Night (VERNON FOCUS)
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